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The Learner (Learner #1) by Alan Nayes

The Learner (Learner #1)
Alan Nayes
418 pages
Release Date: January 27th, 2013
Raye: Enjoyed it

NayéLi is an Alien that has been on earth for many years. She is a learner; her porpoise is to learn as much as she can about life on earth. She has a shield, to protect her from being noticed. This shield protection makes that people don't recall her. But when she “died” in a bus accident, something happened. Something that shouldn’t had happened. A human saw the moment she went into shut-down mode. She told to herself that he wouldn’t be able to remember her.

Jared is a doctor; he has lost his wife in an accident and has not yet moved on. When he sees NayéLi the day of the accident, he tought she was beautiful, in a way he hasn’t seen before. She was exotic and beautiful. Such a pity she was dead. But one day, he saw a women like the one from the accident. He couldn’t believe it was her, it has only passed a week since the accident and she had had severe injuries, and now she is in a better shape that any women he has seen. 

When NayéLi realized that the doctor from the accident, indeed, remembers her, she tries to stay as far away from him as she can. She cannot have any kind of contact with a human, she is in Earth to learn, not to intervene. But she starts to feel strange, something in her is not right, she couldn’t stop thinking about Jared and Jared does not seem able to take her out of her mind too. 

Would NayéLi recognize that she is developing human feelings? Would this two finally find love?

Books Addicts, we have to say that The Learner really caught our attention; it was the kind of book we like to read. And we weren’t wrong. It was intriguing, lovely, and with such a plot, we were really surprised about the things that were happening in the story. 

The learner, written by author of thrillers, horror and love stories, Alan Nayes, was really good. We enjoy almost every moment of it. But why we did not enjoy ALL of it? To answer this question, we should explain what made us giggle, how this book made us feel and the one thing that did not make this book a 5 gorjuss doll.

When we saw that there were some Mexican guys (gangs), we were thrilled because we like this mix of Spanish and English, even if it is for a short time. But when we saw for the first time the word bendejo instead of pendejo (berk, motherfuck…) we felt sad? You could say that, but it was not biggie. So, we were like “Ok, one mistake…it is not so important” but we kept seeing the same word. However, this was not what discourage us. It was a phrase one of the gangsters said, it was “Bendejo cre los estupido” (don’t try to translate it, it just doesn’t make sense, cre is not a word), we were in shock, we couldn’t understand what the author was trying to say, though it has kind of a translation later…but OMG, it was NOT the same, not at all!

We understand that as a non Spanish-Speaking, you could make huge mistake when you write or talk, WE make mistake while we are talking or even writing in this same blog in English. But at the same time, we realize that as an Author, if you are writing in another language (even if it is just one word), you should be more careful. This may not bother everyone, but it is a professional work, it should be written as one.

Anyway, mistakes aside, it was an interesting book. We enjoy the plot. How the author creates such an amazing story is something we haven’t finished to understand yet. 

We do really hate the ZYX, and Tûc. We were like “Let the girl be free…why couldn’t you two stop calling her? It is just a minute!). We actually hate more Tûc that the ZYX, he was…arg, disgusting. We personally wouldn’t choose to marry him, not in a million years (Earth years or Samaura’s). How he takes NayéLi for granted, it was disturbing and…geez, no words are enough to describe our hate for him.

We really loved NayeLí, she was strong and smart. She was a tough girl on the outside, or at least that was she wanted people to think. How she started to have feelings, human feelings, was a little bit expected, but it did not happen in a blink of an eye… It took her a time to realize she was behaving like a human and that's one thing we really liked.

We are officially a FAN of NayéLi and Jared relationship! They are so cute together. Every time there was a touch, a kiss, a hug... we giggle like teenagers. We are so in love with the couple that we couldn't sleep. We weep a lot, almost at the end of the book, because of something we are not going to say that happens and that breaks our delicate hearts… However, everything turns out good. Don't panic! So our sadness and cries disappeared as soon as they came. 

So Books Addicts, there is one last thing we would like to add to this review. We encourage you to read this book. It won’t be a waste of your time and we're sure you're gonna like it as much as we did.
Once said that, we would give this book 4 gorjuss doll.

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