Thursday, June 20, 2013

FFBC Ink by Amanda Sun: Interview With A Reading Nurse

Book Addicts,

Today's event of the Fantastic Flying Book Club is an Interview to A Reading Nurse about Ink by Amanda Sun.
Who does not, when finishing a book, go to talk to his/her friend who is also reading the same book to talk about it? We surely do that! We love to talk about the books we read and to exchange our thought about it. So, what better event than do something like that with our friend A Reading Nurse?

What do you think about Katie’s attitude in the book?
I think Katie is a BAD ASS! Anyone who is in the situation that she is would most likely keep to themselves and hide from the world. The girl just lost her mother, and then has to move to a new country that is completely different than her own! I think if I was in that situation I would be depressed and keep to myself. I thought that I would be able to throw myself into a new culture that she did.
Then there is the whole situation with Tomo. She knows this guy is dangerous but yet she is still intrigued and keeps putting herself in his path. And after everything that happens, she still stays by this side. I think that is pretty freakin’ awesome!

Do you think is something going on between Yuki and Tanaka?
Haha I found myself wondering the same thing. Who knows! (Well I bet Amanda does) It would seem like a good choice for them to end up together. I mean, they both always seem to know exactly what is going on, and are usually at the same place at the same time. I wouldn’t mind seeing them together.

What are your feelings toward Ishikawa? And Jun?
Where was immediately something I disliked about Ishikawa. He wasn’t very friendly to Katie, but then again, he may just have an issue because she is so different than what he is used to. And the fact that he is mixed up with some bad things is not okay!  But the fact that Tomo considered him a close friend makes me believe that there is something under all the bad boy façade.

Jun – at first I believed he was going to be another possible love interest for Katie. But there is something to be said about him always being at the same place Katie is, usually when she is searching for Tomo.

About the drawings in the book, did you like them? If you had tomo's power, what would you draw?
I loved the drawings in the book. I know that in our Digital-Arc the pictures were kind of confusing. They are supposed to cartoonisque, but they kind of got mixed around the formatting. But I still really enjoyed them. I can’t wait to see the book in print just so I can flip through the pictures.
Drawing is something I CANNOT do at all. So if I could draw I would probably love to do sceneries. For example, I would draw Barcelona, and TADA I would be there having coffee with you guys ;)

About the Japanese culture Amanda Sun shows us in Ink, what is the thing you like the most? (food, activities, places…)

I absolutely loved learning more about Japan. I was actually sad to realize how little I actually knew about Japanese culture. So the more I read, and the more I discovered the more I fell in love with the culture and can’t wait to learn more about it. 


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  1. I don't really have anyone I can talk with about the books I love to read. This is one reason I was so excited to discover Goodreads. Now I am a member of groups that enjoy reading many of the same types of books I read, and I love participating in the monthly group read discussions and challenges.

    The only real-life person I really talk to about books is my mother. Occasionally I'll read or see a book that I think she'd enjoy. I've hooked her on a few new-to-her series in the cozy mystery genre she enjoys.

    I write reviews of every book I read nowadays on Goodreads. I'm always excited when I see that someone liked or commented on one of my reviews. I don't have a blog, so Goodreads is the only place I really discuss the books I love.

    1. That's really nice Jennifer =)
      It's always good to have someone to talk about something you love. In this case, books.
      Luckily for us, Book Addicts, we've other ways to talk to passionate people like us aka Goodreads. Thank God!
      Thank you for sharing this with us ^^