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Fallen Crest Family (Fallen Crest High #2) by Tijan

Fallen Crest Family
(Fallen Crest High #2)
Release date: June 18th
Rate: Loved it

When Sam and Mason are finally together, things are not as sweet as the promised "happily ever after" all the books promise. 
Sam's mother is beyond mad with their relationship. She willing to do anything to torn them apart and make sure her daughter loves her again. She knows how to do the threats without being caught and that is making trigger something inside Sam.
The cruelty her mother has not shown for a while, to make Mason and Logan's father fell in love with her, besides other things, was growing inside Analise again and Sam is reliving day by day a trauma happened in the past.
She is losing everything. Her mother is willing to destroy once and for all the Kade brothers, specially Mason, and will stop at nothing to achieve it. 

We are really happy to be part of this blog tour. We're madly in love with the first book and we are even more in love with the second. 
When Tijan sent us this new book, we're thrilled. And we have to confess one thing to you, Book Addicts, we left everything behind, all the books we were reading, and we read this book. We ended it in a few hours. We didn't know we were so eager to know more about the Kade brothers and Sam.
Fallen Crest Family is the second book of the amazing series Fallen Crest High. And for all the Fallen Crest High Fans, we can assure you that this story is all about Sam and the Kades, again! 
When they announced, well, they were forced into it would be more accurate, their relationship to their parents, we knew Analise, Sam's mother, was not happy about it. The others weren't thrilled as well, but the dramatic and bitchy Analise was the one who stressed the most. We knew that, but we weren't expecting this story. At all.
We finally get introduce into Analise and Sam's relationship. In the first book, we almost feel sad for Analise. Maybe she was not the best mother of the year, that for sure, but deep down we thought we knew that she still cared, a little bit, for Sam. In a some sort of twisted way.
However, in Fallen Crest Family we see the true Analise. What she did to Sam when they were living with David, what happened with David to make him stop loving her and what traumatized Sam.
Yes, Book Addicts, because in this book, our not so sweet Sam is having problems. Not just the problems her mother makes her go through, but more deep inside problems. She's struggling with some trauma that the author let us in, little by little, through the story. At first we were like: wtf just happened here? But then, when we started the undertsand what really was this about, we were shocked and kind of amused with the story. We suddenly wanted to know what happened to Sam that makes her go in some sort of trance that even scares the bad sexy Mason Kade. Surprise, uh?
If the relationship between Sam and her mother, and Analise and the Kade, were intense back then, now is even more. 
We can see a part of Analise even more cruel than before. She knows how to play her evil queen role and she's willing to do it while she goes all innocent in front of James, the Kades' father. That only has a name and is: bitch. She's a witch and a bitch and we cannot hate her more. Not just for how she behaves, but for the trauma she caused to Sam. If you guys thought she was crazy... Just wait to read about her in this new book! She's earning all the tickets to go to a fancy and expensive psychiatric. 
We met new characters, without leaving behind the ones we met in Fallen Crest High. Sam's living a bunch of changes in her life, too, therefore she meets new people that would make the book even more funny and interesting. We love Heather's intensity, independent and that she's up to any fight if there's any of her friends in need. She's like a bomb. 
We picture her like a Kade Brother, but female and being in another school; of course a rival one for the brothers. 
We were really glad to see that Mason is still in love with Sam and that he would anything to be with her and to protect her.  And that Logan keeps the spirit like always, being the soul of the party. We were touched to see that they have make their family bound real and to learn that family is not all about blood. And we keep picturing Damon's attitude in Logan. Is like they are twins!
This book is full of romance, traumas, problems, family, parties and unraveling secrets. Tijan did not disappointed Fallen Crest High fans like us, at all. This new book is a really great one and would make you love even the Kade brothers and their parties and even their problems! This was an exciting reading and we strongly recommend it, Book Addicts. We want to share this book with you, because we know for sure that you're gonna get hooked like us!
We are waiting, anxiously, for the third book: Fallen Crest Public! *Goosebumps* Just reading the name makes us want to have the book already in our hands!

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