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Fallen Crest High (Fallen Crest High #1) by Tijan

Fallen Crest High (Fallen Crest High #1)
221 pages
Release Date: October 31st, 2012
Rate: Loved it

Sam couldn't things could get worse for her. She has a boyfriend that is a douchebag and that probably cheats on her, her friends are drunk and her mother is leaving her father to live with her new boyfriend. But things could get worse, because her soon-to-be-father has two sons. The famous Kade Brothers. The two brothers everyone fear, but, at the same time, wish to be part of their crew. The rich brothers who were supposed to be in Samantha's school, Fallen Crest Academy, but end up in Fallen Crest Public. Those brothers who are now in front of her with some friends.
She has survived all these years because she does not care about anything. She doesn't care about her mother leaving her father or the fact that her father seems to be letting her go. She doesn't care about the Kade Brothers or their attitude towards her or the fact that she cannot keep her eyes from one of them. She doesn't care about her so-called friends being bitches with her and she surely doesn't care that the boyfriend she's being with for three years has been cheating since day one of their relationship. 
But the difference this time is that now she's a Kade and that doesn't come easily or without paying a price. Sam is starting to care about things and one of them is one of the Kade brothers. What else could happen?

"We've been quiet, woman. We've taken your presence in this house like calm good little boys, but we're not good little boys"

This is one of the books we had in our Summer Reads. We were a little bit wary about this one because we didn't want to have high hopes and then being disappointed, but, Book Addicts, this was not the case. So now is when we say to you this: Don't Judge A Book By Its Cover!
We were really surprise about this book and we couldn't express enough with words how much we liked it. We were really glad to hear that's gonna be more of the Kade Brothers this year and we are really excited. 
We have never had the opportunity to read any of Tijan's work, but we were really glad that we found this book. We're going to read more of Tijan's work in the future.
This story is about Samantha's life. She finds her mother one night, drunk and crying, telling her that they are leaving her father because she's found a boyfriend and things with her father were not working out. She's devastated and to make matter worse, his douchebag boyfriend wants to have sex with her when she doesn't want to and get angry with her when he doesn't get anything. We knew from the first time when Jeff was introduced to the story, that he was a cheater with capital letters. We were really surprised to see a smooth attitude almost at the end of the book, because we were expecting to see how much the author would antagonize him, but that was not the case. Sam is over him and over his attitude, so their relationship is different from the on in the beginning, when you want to punch Jeff in the face and you are wishing that one of the Kade brothers would do it for you. 
When Sam and her mother first move to the Kade Mansion, we were a little bit taken aback. We were expecting more from the Kade Brothers towards the new inquiline, but they were keeping their distance, like none of them care about the other. However, we weren't disappointed at all when the story keeps progressing. We read about a lot of things: betrayal, new friendships, new boys trying to be part of Sam's love life, new people, weird situations, dangerous situations, revelry and lots of parties, hot guys, forgiveness, secrets and new family.
We didn't understand Samantha's relationship with her mother. Sam's mother only thinks of herself and what she wants to achieve, but never thinks of her daughter. When she's upset, she drinks and starts bullying Sam. Sam has even swore to herself that she'd never be like her mother. She's ashamed of her attitude towards men and that's one of the things that made the implosion of her relationship with cheater Jeff. 
The Kade Brothers are what you could describe as a rebel brothers that do whatever they want and have whatever or anyone they want. They are so popular that they are known even outside their own school. Everyone sighs when they see them and yearn to be friends with them or to be seen with them. Not to leave the part that they are super hot. Hollister or Abercrombie and Fitch hot or Magazine hot. 
At first, Mason Kade is shown to us a quiet guy, always attentive to the things going on around him and seems to have a fixation with Sam. Eventually, you start to know the real Mason Kade and you cannot do another thing that to fall in love with him. 
Logan Kade, however, is the opposite of Mason. Always making noise, always laughing at everything or anyone and anxious to get into a fight or do something that would make angry other people. We couldn't help, but to imagine Damon Salvatore from the TV show The Vampire Diaries as Logan. Their snarky and cool attitude and the fact that they are always making others angry, fits like a glove for both of 'em. Like two drops of water. 
We have to confess that we are also in love with this character. Logan is refreshing and gives the funny part to their relationship. Like he says: threesome fearsome. 

"His hand slid back up to my shoulder. He gave me a pat. "Threesome fearsome. No one stands a chance."
I grinned at him. "What about Nate?"
He tapped his beer with mine. "When he's around, it's the foursome fearsome. You can add any 'some to that name. Thank goodness, huh?" Then he groaned. "I really need to get laid tonight."

Logan is a unique character and things wouldn't be the same without him. He's womanizer and he makes sure everyone ones it. We are in love with him.

"Mason slid down beside me and Logan curled an arm around my shoulder. He drawled against my cheek, "It'll throw them off. Their visionary senses will tell them we're screwing and they'll get confused." His hand slid down towards my breast."

We thought that the Kade Brothers were an intense couple, but so is Sam. We think that's the main reason they get along really quick. This vibe that she gives like she doesn't care about anything is not a façade. She doesn't really care what the people at her school say about her. After everything they have done to her, she still walks with her head high, like nothing has ever happened there. We really admire her, because we couldn't be like Sam at all. She has her pride and everything, but she keeps shutting down everyone that tries to be part of her life. We think that a lot of people have hurt her and that's the only way she has to avoid getting hurt again. We felt sorry for her more than once and we kept seeing how she didn't fit in her fancy school, but how he perfectly fit with the Kade brothers.
Adam is a weird character. He's on the football team in Sam's school and he deeply hates the Kade Brothers and everything related with them. He's his motives to hate them. Logan stole, not one, but two girlfriends from him and he's sworn some sort of vendetta against the brothers, but, specially, Logan.
At first, we really like Adam. We thought he was a nice guy and that he was so in love with Sam that he would do anything for her and would help her. However, as soon as the Kade Brothers were brought into Sam's life, he started to act like a total moron and a complete jackass. We were almost doing a Team Adam flag, when his true self was spread all over the pages. We have never been fooled like this. So we have only one thing left to say to Adam: booh!
We could not believe how he treats Becky and how she stands it! Besides that, we would really feel really stupid if we were Adam, if some of the things Logan said to him were said to us. We would hide in a room and never come outside again, never.
About Becky Sallaway, cousin of Jeff, we really like her. She's cute, honest and want to show Sam she could be a better friend to her than her other two best friends. She's so sweet and so innocent that we even felt bad for her. Because of Becky, we started to hate Adam before he put his jackass mode on. She knows everything. Every gossip that goes through Fallen Crest Academy she ends up knowing it, too. It's really funny to see her with Sam and with the Kade brothers and we were secretly wishing that she ended up with the other Kade Brother Sam doesn't pick.
Tijan's work is unique and we can't think a better way to write this story. Tijan has captured perfectly the sexual tension between Samantha and one of the Kade Brothers and we think that's one of the part of the books we liked the most. All the characters are different from the ones we are used to and everyone is different from the others. Unraveling and unexpected is two adjectives would fit perfectly with every character.
We strongly recommend to you this book and think you're gonna like it as much as we did. The second book would be released this December, so don't panic! We would have more Kade Brothers really soon. We can assure you that you're gonna fall in love with both of 'em!
Don't hesitate, Book Addicts, and let the Kade Brothers enter your life this Summer. You're not going to regret it!

"He came back up with a brighter smile. "And I'm proven right, again! You guys should hire me for this talent I have. Mom, I bet you have a better sex life with that Garrett dude than you did with dad."
He turned towards James. "And dad, I bet your sex life is pretty good with Analise. She strikes me as the slutty type."

Matt Lanter as Mason Kade
Phoebe Tonkin as Samantha
Cam Gigandet as Logan Kade


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