Saturday, June 15, 2013

The Fantastic Flying Book Club: Welcome to the club to Ink by Amanda Sun

Book Addicts,

We're glad to kick off the first event of The Fantastic Flying Book Club. The book that would be joining our new club is Ink by Amanda Sun, the first book in the amazing YA series The Paper Gods. This novella is set in Japan and we're introduced to the Japanese culture thanks to Amanda Sun. Being an exchange student in Japan, helped her get the inspiration for the Paper Gods series.

We have read Ink a few weeks ago and we are madly in love with the book, the story, the Japanese culture... We're even thinking of eating Japanese food all day! Those are the reasons why we are hosting our first Fantastic Flying Book Club with this book. 

For those who don't know about Ink, here is a short description of the book.
Ink is the story of Katie, an orphaned American teen who moves to Japan to live with her aunt who teaches english there. Japan is big, but not so big for Katie to cross paths with the kendo star of her school who also is the popular guy and the boy who everyone's afraid of at her school. To add more mystique to our beloved male main character, Tomohiro's drawings come to life in dangerous ways. For some reason, Tomo has a connection to the ancient gods of Japan and being close to Katie is causing his powers to spiral out of control. Way out of control. What would happen when the wrong people, the dangerous one, notice their link and, more important, what Tomohiro can do?

Book Addicts, here is all the info for the giveaway. Please read through, so you don't miss anything!

The Fantastic Flying Book Club is an event where all the readers of A Reading Nurse and our readers would participate in our daily events of Ink. We're going to have a lot of things from the book to make you participate with the intention that all of you have fun and that you know a little bit more of the book. Because we can assure you that you're gonna get hooked with this one!
This giveaway is international. Everyone interested in winning this wonderful book full of romance, magic and mystery can be part of this event. There'll be daily posts with fresh Ink news and some questions for you about our post. This would make you earn more points. The winner would be the person who has more points. This isn't about luck, it's about passion for books!

The are a few things that are mandatory to be part of this amazing giveaway. You must follow us on Twitter and Facebook, follow A Reading Nurse on BlogLovin' and enter your email. The other options are not mandatory. However, the more you do, the more points you get. All the links to our different site and A Reading Nurse's site, are inside the Rafflecopter attached in this post.

Remember! Every day would be a different post, until the end of this event (June 25th) and we would make a different question in our blogs, so you can answer something different each day and related with the post.

This is the schedule of our Fantastic Flying Book Club:

Tuesday, June 18th -> A Reading Nurse Review
Wednesday, June 19th -> Knowing Amanda Sun
Thursday, June 20th –> Interview between blogs
Friday, June 21st -> Quote Day & Book Drawings
Saturday, June 22nd -> Q&A with Amanda
Sunday, June 23rd -> Japanese culture inside Ink
Monday, June 24th -> What you need to know about INK
Tuesday, June 25th -> Surprise ending!

Enter here to participate:

Win a paperback or a digital copy (winner's choice) of Ink (Paper Gods #1) written by Amanda Sun.

*This is an international Giveaway*

WARNING! You MUST do the following things or your participation would not be valid:

1) You must enter your email in order to send you the prize.
2) You must Follow us on Twitter.
3) You must Like our Facebook Page.
4) You must Follow A Reading Nurse on BlogLovin'.
5) Please, if you leave a comment, answer the question proposed in the rafflecopter entry.
6) Please read the information of this event.


  1. Ink sounds incredibly interesting. I've added it to my Goodreads TBR list and look forward to reading it! Thanks for sharing this info about it. :)

    1. Thanks to you for stoping by! indeed, it is an incredible book, it is going to be in our to reread list for sure :)

  2. The cover's what first drew me towards the book and after reading the summary and the review I think I will definitely be reading it cause the plot sounds unique and I have never read something like this !

    1. We totally agree with you. Everything of Ink is different from any other book we've read before. We really liked it because of that =)
      Really happy to hear we share the same of opinion ^^
      Thank you so much for participate in this event and for leaving a comment =)