Sunday, June 23, 2013

FFBC Ink by Amanda Sun: Japanese Words We Love

Book Addicts,

As you know, Ink is set in Japan, where Katie meets Tomohorio. Therefore, the author makes us a glossary of Japanese at the end of the book of words and phrases used in the book. Amazing, right?
Then, we are going to do an ABC of words in Japanese used in Ink that we really like!

"Um" a filler word telling the speaker you have something to say.

Baja ja nai no?
“Are you stupid or something?”

“Damn it!”

As used in Ink, “Hi” or “hey”

An encouraging phrase meaning to fight with one’s might or do one’s best

Guzen da
“What a coincidence!”

“Embarrassing”, slang form of hazukashii

A good-looking guy

“Lovers”, dating couple

Moshi Mosh(i)
Said when answering the pone

“Isn’t it” It can also be used as “Hey!” to get someone’s attention.


Peko peko
“I’m starving” usually said by younger children or girls to be cute

“You’re the worst”, something despicable


Plum tree

“Bad”, sometimes used as an apology

“I did it!” or as a general “Yay!”

Don't say you don't know a little bit of Japanese after this! If you liked this, there are even more words in the glossary of the book. We personally like the last one. Yatta. Now we cannot stop saying this! It makes us remember Hiro Nakamura in the TV Show Heroes when he arrived to NY the first time screaming that. Now we understand everything!

"Which word of the list do you like the most and why"

And because we know you are dying to start reading this wonderful book, here is an chapter sampler of  Ink.

Ink by Amanda Sun - Chapter Sampler by Harlequin Australia

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  1. Warui Sounds better than the word sorry.

  2. Daisuki! "I love you." That's one of my favorite Japanese words <3

    1. Wow, a knew one! Yes! Definitely is a good one ;)

  3. Yatta is my favorite. I can imagine saying this, but most especially I can imagine writing this, in place of "yay." Yay always looks like it's spelled wrong to me. Yatta looks much more natural. :-)

    1. Hahaha we love this one, too.
      As we said in the post, and because we are a TV show obsessed, too, we cannot keep out of our minds the image of Hiro Nakamura from Heroes saying that. He was cute! hahaha
      It's cutter to heard Yatta! lol

  4. For some reason I really like the word Ume, probably because it's just so random!

    1. Yes, we can understand. That's not a word we usually heard :)

  5. I really like, and will begin using, the word "che" - because I have two things that do not go well together: (1) a tendency to swear like a sailor, and (2) a 5-year-old son. HA! AND he's starting Kindergarten in 3 weeks...and I'd definitely prefer he walk around the halls saying "Che!" rather than "Damn it!" :D

    1. hahahaha
      That'd be definitely better. Besides, you can always say that he knows Japanese, if anyone asks lol
      I think we need to practice the accent and we've got it! Yatta! =)

    2. YES!! I definitely need to hear it said so I don't sound like a fool! Something tells me they don't say it with the Latin flavor of, say, Che Guevara's name ;)

      And you're SO RIGHT...if - ok, WHEN - he repeats it around others, he'll look like a little genius learning Japanese!! I love it! :D

  6. Fantastic post! This reminds me of date-night with my husband (AKA Free-Anime-Tuesdays!)

    1. Yay, sounds like fun! We should try this, too =)