Tuesday, June 25, 2013

FFBC Ink by Amanda Sun: Express Yourself, Winner & Surprise!

Book Addicts,

We are sad and happy at the same time to tell you that our Fantastic Flying Book Club event of this month is over. We are sad because we are ending our first FFBC, however we're beyond happy to pick a winner for the paperback of Ink and to finally tell you all that Ink is NOW available in your stores!

We're thrilled with this now and we are eager to tell you who the winner is, but first... we promised some surprises!

For those who don't have read the other post, we have a section called express yourself where we express our feelings about the books we have read with gifs. More dramatic and gets to the point. And that's not an exception. So first...

What we think about Katie

What we think about Tomohiro

What we think about Jun

What we think about Satoshi

What we think about Yuki and Tanaka

What we think about the end of the book

We are really happy about this event and we couldn't have do it without our friend A Reading Nurse and without Amanda Sun.
Amanda helped us a lot with the interviews, the tweets and everything in the Fantastic Flying Book Club event.
We really had a lot of fun with this and talking with Anasheh from A Reading Nurse and keep an eye on us, Book Addicts, because this is definitely going to happen again! And Soon!

Without further hesitation, here are the results:

Thank you to all of you that were part of this giveaway. We had over 3000 entries for our first FFBC event and we're really happy.
We hope we'll have you in our next FFBC event =)

We promised a big surprise...

Well, since we're madly in love with this book, we wanted to spread the Ink Madness and it's our first Fantastic Flying Book Club event, we are not having one winner, but TWO!

Amanda talked in twitter about cake, but we didn't know how to send you the cake, in a good state and all that, but we had this! Another winner! What do you think? Still missing the cake? If that so email me, Patricia and i'll think of something to sending you a piece of my birthday cake! Yay!
I'm really happy to share my birthday with Ink ;)

For those who didn't won this giveaway, don't be sad! We'd be doing this next month =)
And if you're madly in love with Ink after our event, don't hesitate in reading it. It's a fantastic and marvelous book that would hooked you from the first page. And we're not the only ones who think this!

We really hope you had tons of fun like we did and hope to read more about you, Book Addicts, in our blog!


  1. Just sharing the comment love! I really want to read this book!

  2. I am so excited to have won! I can't wait to get my new copy of Ink so I can read it! Thank you so much for offering this giveaway, and thanks for naming me a winner!! :-)