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FFBC Ink by Amanda Sun: 6 Things You Should Know About Ink

Book Addicts,

We've had an interview with Amanda, so we could get to know her, but today we've another interview with her totally different. Today is an interview to know a little bit more about Ink. Did you think we could forgot to ask this? Nope.
The amazing thing of having an interview with Amanda Sun is to have the opportunity to ask her about things we want to know.... badly! Because we think we may faint until the second book comes out, so at least we needed to know more.

1. Which part of the story did you enjoy writing the most?

I love writing the scenes where Tomohiro sketches, because you never know what the ink is going to do. It’s unpredictable, and I find it really exciting because it often surprises me as well. :D

I also love writing conversation between Tomohiro and Katie, because they often try to one-up each other and it’s fun to listen to in my head. ^_^

2. For Ink Fans, what was the first thing Tomohiro thought about Katie?

Ah, well you actually get to see that in the prequel e-novella SHADOW! Tomohiro is startled because Katie has a connection to the nightmare he’s been going through. He’s drawn to her for many different reasons, some of them sinister. You’ll have to read to see what I mean ;)

3. We are madly in love with romantic endings, are we going to see more romance between the main characters in the second book?

I’m glad you are! There will certainly be more romance, but at the same time they’re entering that stage in their relationship where they have to face the danger they’re putting each other in. Katie and Tomohiro will have to learn more about how they are tied to the ink and whether they can be together because of it.

4. We are dying to know this. Is something going on between Yuki and Tanaka?

Haha, that depends which of them you ask! ;) Unlike Yuki, I can keep secrets—but you’ll have more clues in the next book.

5. Is Satoshi keeping some dark or deep secret that we could know about?

Why yes, he is. Sharp eye! I really feel for Satoshi because he’s going through a lot right now, trying to find his place in life and understand who he is. I wish I could tell you more about him, but you will have to wait for the next book to see what I mean. I appreciate the love for him, though! I think he’s quite the misunderstood character.

6. If Ink Fans would get lucky and Ink was a movie, which actor would fit best to play Tomohiro and which actress would be the best Katie?

Boy, I would be the first to flail and dance if that happened! ^_^ I think Okada Masaki or Oguri Shun would make a great Tomohiro, but I’m not sure if they speak English. Honestly, I’d like to see a brand new Asian face in Hollywood to play Tomohiro, because I think we need more hot young Asian actors! *laugh*

As far as Katie, maybe Emma Stone or Bonnie Wright? I have to admit, I don’t know my western celebrities very well haha.

Thank you so much for having me on the blog! ^_^

Yuu Tomohiro

Okada Masaki

Oguri Shun

Katie Greene

Emma Stone

Bonnie Wright

"What would be your dream cast choices for Tomohiro & Katie?"

Want to know our answers?

Wow, I can see Amanda's choices perfectly. I have to confess, I don't really know Asian actors. It's a shame. However, I like Amanda's choices. If I had to choose I'd say Okada Masaki as Tomo. As for Katie... It's a difficult decision! I totally see both actresses, however I would choose Bonnie Wright.

Oh! *o*
I would love to see Oguri Shun as Tomohiro and Emma Stone as Katie Greene. I think they would be a lovely couple. Hope to heard that's going to be a movie. Soon. Please! =)

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  1. I LOVED IT. I can hardly wait for the next installment so I can go back in time and daydream about all what I love about Japan. I made mental notes to find a face to match Tomo and Katie (and their friends) but I'm still going thru all my archives to find a suitable match.

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