Wednesday, July 31, 2013

The Unofficial Addiction Blog Tour: Thirty Seconds To Die by S. G. Holster

Book Addicts,

We have the pleasure to be part of the blog tour of Thirty Seconds to Die written by S. G. Holster, a book that has captivated us and makes us have sweet dreams about soul mates and perfect couples. And we have the honor to host an interview with S. G. Holster for this wonderful tour. 

Thirty Seconds To Die (Thirty Seconds To Die #1)
S. G. Holster
364 pages
Release Date: January 8th, 2013
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Lexi Flynn thought she could hide from her dreams. 
She thought her fears were all in her imagination. 
She couldn't imagine that after everything she'd been through, she could fall in love. 
She was wrong. 
An ancient society, one extraordinary letter, and the secret Alexandra Flynn would die for - again - to protect. 
For Lexi, life had always been - normal. But it only took one moment to change everything. Her life quickly becomes the opposite of normal when Ren Miller moves to the small community where she lives. Mysterious, handsome, and dangerously charming, Lexi discovers Ren is no stranger. They've met before - in another life. 
When Ren pulls her into his bizarre world of past lives and secret societies, all bets are off. They become the targets of the Sentori, an ancient, secret society who believes it must protect the sanctity humankind by killing those like Lexi and Ren, those who are reborn. 
In an effort to protect Ren from the Sentori, Lexi is forced to enlist the aid of the most unlikely of all allies. Her decision ignites a series of events that lead to a heartbreaking decision and a devastating conclusion. 
If your life was all you had to give, wouldn't you give it to save the only person you ever loved?

S.G. Holster lives in California with her husband and their two daughters. She released her debut novel, Thirty Seconds To Die, in January 2013 and the follow-up novel will be released in Summer 2013.

About S. G. Holster

Favorite Book?
At the moment I really love Stolen by Lucy Christopher.

Perfect writing moment?
 It has to be the first paragraph I put down for TSTD. It was the Winter Formal scene. When I write, the scene is already planned out in my head and when I type it out I have a lot of perfect writing moments when the words come out just right. 

Favorite TV show?
Easy, Top Gear. Yes, I’m a car nerd - always have been.

Favorite movie?
Pride and Prejudice 2005.

Your ideal day?
Writing day: Wake up in a foreign country alone with my laptop and a view…oh and coffee.

Your Favorite Song?
Mr. Brightside by The Killers. I have a ton of favorites, but this was the first one that came to mind.

Favorite Food?

Perfect Fictional Boy?
Noah Calhoun (The Notebook by Nicholas Sparks)

Magic or Mythology?

Favorite book genre to read?
I have to pick one? Ok. New Adult - because at heart I’m still 21.

Favorite Quote?
“Don’t cry because it’s over, smile because it happened.” – Dr. Seuss

Something to say to our Book Addicts?
We are what we read, right? Reading a good story is magical and just for that moment…read to escape, imagine, dream, feel and believe. It’s a journey. Buy into it and enjoy the entertainment that a good book gives you for however long it takes you to read it.

About Thirty Seconds To Die

Could you tell us something about Ren?

Ahhh Ren. I love him. Ren is beyond gorgeous and very intelligent. I wanted him to be compassionate and eloquent. When I imagined Ren in my head, his velvety brown eyes were the first thing I saw and then his beautiful, strong physique. Ren is very complicated in that the guilt of losing his brother and his journey to find Lexi shaped him forever. He loves his family, his mother who is brilliant in his eyes, and his dad, who he admires, and respects. Of course there’s his unyielding love for Lexi and he’ll stop at nothing to win her trust. He always does the right thing, but he has a temper. He’s not afraid to fight for what he wants and protect the ones he loves.

If Thirty seconds to Die was a movie, who would you chose to play the roles?
This is difficult for me because I have my inspiration / story board photos. My Ren is Marlon Teixeira (model). My Brett is Alex Pettyfer and my Lexi, well she’s never come to a vision for me. I’m more curious who the readers envision.

Could you tell our readers something more about the Sentori?
The Sentori are an ancient society who exists by living with a specific set of beliefs. They believe that reborns are an abomination and should not be allowed to live a second life. There are few of them who decipher names of reborns through written word and hide behind the curtain of religion. The leaders of the Sentori live as priests’. The hunters are Sentori who blend into society in order to eliminate reborns once they’re given a target. They have supernatural elements where they heal quickly and are very strong. 

What defines Lexi? Was it difficult to write about her character?
Lexi is slightly damaged, emotionally and has to deal with anxiety. In the beginning of TSTD she suspects that she’s going crazy because of her bizarre dreams. Her character is focused. Lexi really will not change her mind once she decides on it. She’s benevolent and wants to make her friends happy, but on the inside she’s conflicted about keeping her secrets. She wants to be a normal fun loving teenager. 

Lexi is strong physically, but at the same time she feels weak when it comes to her heart. Lexi is self sufficient and even though she has great supportive parents, she’s very independent. 
On writing Lex, it wasn’t difficult to tap into her emotionally because the story’s written in first-person narrative so there was a lot of acting out and talking to myself going on.

Could you tell us something about Terrible Lies?

I’m so excited to release Terrible Lies. It picks up from where TSTD ended. Terrible Lies is a continuation of Lexi and Ren’s story, but the focus is her view of what’s happening around her rather than to her. Ren and his family have to endure some difficult realities. Lexi’s there to narrate the journey and bring to life the events that unfold.

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