Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Stripped by Brooklyn Skye

Brooklyn Skye
345 pages
Release Date: May 14th, 2013
Rate: Enjoyed it
Quinn Montgomery is determined to save her heart. Her sister killed herself over a boy and she's not willing to end up like her sister. 
But if grieving for her death sister was not enough she's suffering from her dad's mistakes, too. Bankrupt over that mistake, Quinn is forced to work in the college her father was working as a nude model. She's afraid of being naked in front of a bunch of students, probably, her age, but it's the only way to keep her place at her college. 
However, everything changes Quinn's world when she meets Torrin. Top varsity oarsman at the University she's working, Quinn has a hard time avoiding him. Letting someone in, might be the only thing that Quinn has to work hard with. Despite this, Torrin and Quinn do not even imagine how connected they are and when they both realize what links them together, it may destroy them.

Brooklyn Skye's novel captivated us. This New Adult novel is the perfect story to read this Summer. Full of love, troubles and secrets, this novel would make you want to read even more.

We were heartbroken knowing Quinn was suffering from her sister's death. She was in one piece, but you can sense how the character is suffering inside. Save Yourself. If that was not bad enough, her sister tells her those words before she dies. Save Yourself from boys that make you want to die. 
Grieve over a relantionship is a normal stage, so why don't grieve? Because there are some secrets that we don't know about Quinn's sister.
In addition, Quinn's father did something that not only lead the family into public humiliation but into bankrupt. With the unexpected poverty of her family, Quinn's forced to find a job. But which job would find if they all know she's the daughter of the guy who create that scandal not long ago?
Faking the relation of her name with her father's last name, she finds a job that would help her stay in college, a job in which the amount of money is a good quantity, but that makes Quinn uncomfortable. 
Because being nude in front of a whole class of art students, even if it's for the art's sake and it's all left in a professional area, is not comfortable at all. She's embarrassed and she wonders all the time why her father had to do what he did and put her in that place. 
It is true that Quinn had to suffer with everything she's been through, but we think that she's directing her rage at the wrong person. The guy who accepted the scholarship from her father was just a kid with a lot of promises in his head and with a father to please. We bet it was not easy for him either. We know that he must have said something and save some of Quinn's father reputation, but we all make mistakes and, now, Quinn's blaming and directing all her rage to him. Come on! He's proved that he's a good guy, let him breathe, girl!
Sometimes we did not like Quinn for this matter, however we could understand her point of view. We like the Quinn we found at the end of the book and we were glad to see her change.
About Torrin... well, despite all his mistakes, we love him and he has an unofficial place in our unofficial team list. We think that Torrin is a strong character that makes the story all light and romantic.  We cannot imagine the story without him.

If you're willing to experience yourself grieve, romance and some traumatic events that caused the main characters to shell themselves, this is your story. You'll really enjoy it and, as we said before, you'll feel like this is the perfect Summer Read for you.

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