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The Unofficial Addiction News: Books Into Movies

Book Addicts,

It's common knowledge that our beloved YA novels are a complete success in the big screen. It's not something new, thought, because Harry Potter and Twilight were a boom in our cinemas, however now we're seeing more YA novels turning into movies, having an defined image to associate our fellow heroes/heroines. 
We totally support this. What could be better than see the novels we heart in the cinemas or in the TV of your house? Because the young adult madness not only infected the big screen but also the small one, the one in our houses. If not a movie what else? TV shows.
As long as they do a good job we're on the Hollywood train. We're madly in love with The Hunger Games, we even bought the blu-ray! (*Wrin*), but if you have not read the book there are some parts missing. Don't you think?
Or what about The Vampire Diaries? We really like the TV show (Go Klaus! Go Damon! Sorry a moment of male weakness), however, have you read the books? I think the only thing the TV show and the books have in common is the name of the characters and their behavior. We are not saying we do not love the show! We would even do a flag with I love Vampire Diaries/Damon/Klaus when the show will start again.
What is this post about? We've been snooping around IMDB. Yep, we were curious to see how much money we would need to safe in order to go to all the premieres of the YA books turned into books that we love. And, guys, we need to find a better job, because the list is not long, it's huge, enormous, gigantic!!
And we're going to share the amazing lists that we've found:


But we want to show you more about this list. First of all, we want to show you the poster of the series that everybody is dying to see: The Hunger Games.

What do you think? Do you like the promotional poster of the movie? Go Katniss!

But we've also found sneak peaks of the upcoming movie Divergent. Although this movie won't be in cinemas until 2014, we've search in the IMDB site for photos from the movie. We wanted to see if what they are going to show us about Tris' world in the big screen. We couldn't find the official poster of the movie, but we've got pictures of Tris & Four!

What do you think about the actors that are going to be Tris & Four?

Another movie we're dying to see is The Maze Runner. Not just because we love the book, but because of the actor that is going to play Thomas' role: Dylan O'Brien. We're in love with his character in Teen Wolf, Stiles, and now having him in the big screen? In this YA novel? Where do we have to get the tickets? And guess who'll be Teresa? Kaya Scodelario from the TV show Skins.

And we don't have official photos from the movie, but we know who are going to play the characters in the Vampire Academy movie!

In order:
Olga Kurylenki as Kirova
Sarah Hyland as Natalie Dashkov
Zoey Deutch as Rose Hathaway
Cameron Monaghan as Mason Ashford
Danila Kozlovsky as Dimitri Belikov
Sami Gayle as Mia Rinaldi

Shelly Crane's book, Significance will be in our cinemas next year, too. Want to now the cast?

In order:
Jeremy Sumpter as Caleb Jacobson
Michael Welch as Marcus Watson
Ian Whyte as Sikes Watson
Jama Williamson as Rachel Jacobson
Piers Stubbs as Rylan
Cara Calderaio as Anna

What do you think, Book Addicts, about books becoming TV Shows/Movies? 

To see more YA books that are becoming Movies & TV Shows, go to the IMDB list and/or the goodreads list. Click on the banners in this post to go to the sites.

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