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Burn For Burn (Burn For Burn #1) by Jenny Han & Siobhan Vivian

Burn For Burn (Burn For Burn #1)
Jenny Han & Siobhan Vivian
358 pages
Publisher: Simon & Schuster Books
Release Date: September 18th, 2012
Rate: Loved it

Welcome to Jar Island. 
Meet Lillia. Good girl from a rich family who never had any problems dealing with boys who like her. However, this summer is not going to be an easy one. Thanks to her best friend she meets two quite boys who do not get a no for an answer and, then, her little sister is a rumor involving a friend of hers. There's no way she's going to let the same thing happen to her lil' sister like it happened to her. So revenge is a wonderful idea.
Now meet Kat. Once upon a time she was friends with Princess Lillia and her best friend, Rennie.  Now Rennie is making her life a living hell. However, she's willing to fight back and when the opportunity to make her pay for everything she did is in front of her face, she's more than willing to start savoring the consequences of a good revenge.
At last, meet Mary. Poor, timid and cute Mary. She was a citizen of Jar Island before, until something happened and she left. But now is back and willing to make the boy who screwed her life ask for a huge apology or something else. She's not the same girl that left Jar Island and she's wants to prove it. Despite this, it seems that revenge is the only way she can feel even for the thing that boy did to her long ago. 
Three girls, three huge messes and one common purpose: sweet, sweet revenge. Because big girls don't cry, they get even. 

This book is freaking awesome. Those TV show lovers, this book is where Revenge meets 90210 and Pretty Little Liars. But mostly, Revenge. 
We met three different girls and, of course, Jenny Han and Siobhan Vivian let us in the point of view of the three girls. 
Lillia could be described as the perfect good girl. Good grades, with a weatlhy family that loves her and with popular friends in her school. She pretty much can get any boy she wants with her innocence. On the other side we have Kat. Her mother died when she was still friends with Lillia and ::: and she's lived with her father and her brother since then. She's been raised in a house full of boys and she acts like a boy sometimes. She's a rocker inside and we totally love her! And then we have poor Mary. It's kind of an attachment to her name: poor. She was bullied in school, when she was little, just because she was fat. Now she is shy and tries to avoid attention. It's like she's a complete different person. Now she's not fat and she's still as beautiful as before, but the guy who is supposed to notice the change in her does not. 
This book is full of suspense and unraveling secrets. We couldn't imagine what was going to happen and while reading the book we totally realize that the world of each girl it's far from perfect. We feel bad for the three girls, but in different aspects.
Princess Lillia, because that's what everybody calls her, it's suffering from a traumatic event with a university guy, thanks to Rennie.  And thanks to Kat she discovers that her little sister is messing around with one of her best friends, Alex. The boy who is supposed to be in love with her, not because they are a couple or that he told her that he's in love with her, but just reading everything that boy does for her is pretty obvious. It's like the boy wears all the time a big shiny sign that sparkles with "I love you, Lillia" in his head.
With Kat is totally different. We totally understand the bitterness she's keeping. Rennie is a bitch with her and it's normal that she yearns for revenge. Now she was some sort of dating Alex and discovering that he was with Lillia's sister when he called her that night is like stabbing her. Despite this and although she's glad that the person Lillia chooses for her revenge is ::: also was advantageous for her, she still feels something for him and still wants to impress him. Our advice? Girl! Get over him! He's not worth it! You just have to keep looking to the sign in his head! (The one we talked before, Book Addicts).
And poor Mary is like a lost lamb in an ocean full of tigers. She lives with her creepy aunt in Island Jar and we couldn't quite decide if we like or not the aunt. The thing we couldn't understand either is why her parents can come to Jar Island. We love to know every dirty detail and it was kind of frustrating. 
We hated the guy (Not telling who it is, guys, but is one of the main characters. Just saying!) that bullied her and left her friendless and wanted to see him bleed and cry! (Well, maybe not bleed. But cry yes!). 
Sweet revenge. That's what each girl have. They decide a "victim" that deserve what they are going to get. But things get out of control at the end. In Mary's turn. And it left us with one dangerous and unnerving question: Who is really Mary?
Burn for Burn is unlike anything we've read before. This isn't a sweet and romantic novel where everyone gets what they wanted at the end of the book, with the bad guys away or redeemed and the good ones with the prize. Nope, this is all about getting even. This is the true nature of revenge.
The plot is all we were expecting from these two great authors: funny, entertaining, full of surprises and secrets and the uncharacteristic excitement on making you be on the edge; always wanting to know more! And what is the most interesting of it all, it's not only the three POV's of the story, but getting their stories from the beginning, but not all blurt out in the first pages. We think that's what makes you keep reading the book and then you're hooked! You just want to know more about the girls, the revenge, their plots and what is going to happen. Because, Book Addicts, a lot happens! Everything gets out of their hands and we're dying to read the second book!
So, Book Addicts, don't hesitate! Not even a second! You'd love this book and you'd want to know more about Lillia, Kat and Mary and what they are going to plan for the next book of Burn for Burn. This is why we're giving five gorjuss dolls to this wonderful and revengeful book!

Although we think that the girls in the cover would be the best Lillia, Mary & Kat, we looked for actresses who would fit as this characters as well. So we chose the following actresses: 

Jamie Chung as Lillia
Alicia Banit as Mary
Sarah Bolger as Kat



  1. OMG sounds like an awesome book!!! I really want to read it now

    1. Yes, it is! We are in love with this books. It's like Pretty Little Liars meets Revenge, all in high school.
      Tomorrow we will post the review about the second one :)
      So excited to read the third one that I cannot even sleep! hahaha

  2. I absolutely love the dream cast for this book!

  3. I absolutely love the dream cast for this book!