Sunday, July 28, 2013

Fire With Fire Spoilers!

For those who have not read our review of Fire with Fire by Jenny Han & Siobhan Vivian, we're doing a spoilers special post about this book!
So those who are not interested in knowing those spoilers we want to yell in our site, please STOP READING! We're so excited about the things we have found out in the second book, that we cannot shut up!

Those who want to know, like me that sometimes I read the end of the story so I can go to sleep and have sweet dreams... welcome to our Fire With Fire Spoiler Section!
If you have not read our review, but want to read it before the spoilers, click here: Review.

So Book Addicts, this book blowed our mind off. So you remember how Mary's aunt was strange and, we could say, creepy, right?
Well, sweeties, Mary's dead. Or so we understand. And what the girls and her aunt see is Mary's ghost. Or so we understand (again). She goes to the cemetery after a quick visit of her mother. Well, that "visit" is for move Mary's aunt out of Jar Island, forever, while her mom keeps mumbling: I'm sorry sweetie; we have to go, she's dangerous; You're in danger. (*insert incredulous face here*).
Yep, so pretty much not knowing what the hell was going on, we kept reading and at the cemetery she sees her fathers tomb. She didn't even know that her father was dead. She keeps asking herself when he died, when she sees her own tomb (Hello?). And all after causing a well-known character to crash the car he/she was driving, because Mary got upset. 
Our big question comes now. So if she's a ghost, how can the girls see her? And Reeve? And Rennie? And the boy from Halloween? We could answer that one. Because of the thin line between of the living and the dead the night of Halloween. Her aunt warns her. And the boy makes the comment that her hands are really cold. But when she enters in a class, that she didn't belong to, and sits behind the guy is like he didn't see her/recognize her (We bet for the last one).
The most unnerving this now is what Mary is and what is going to do with her knowledge. She knows she can hurt other just by being upset, so, is she going to use it against Reeve? Let's hope not, because we're officially in love with him!
Although now all makes sense, why people does not pay attention to her, why she feels like she's a ghost, why she's living with her aunt and not with her parents and why her aunt wants her to leave Jar Island forever. We thought that her aunt was nuts for even having that thought, but if she really is a ghost we could she her aunt's restlessness. 
But what is not letting us sleep, at all, is if she's going to confess to Lillia and Kat what she did (not on purpose) at the end of the book and if they're going to forgive her and try to help her or if they are going to go against her and try to safe Reeve. Man, we're dying to know!!
If you thought a book was sizzling, read this one, Book Addicts, it's beyond that! And if you have your own theories, please comment here, because we're dying to know! And it would make us have some sleep. Maybe?

Hope we didn't get carried away with the emotion of writing a HUGE spoiler. However, we really hope you had fun!

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