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Fire with Fire (Burn for Burn #2) by Jenny Han & Siobhan Vivian

Fire with Fire (Burn for Burn #2) 
Jenny Han & Siobhan Vivian
518 pages
Publisher: Simon & Schuster Books
Release Date: September 3rd, 2013
Rate: Loved it

What seemed like the perfect plan to achieve their revenge, take down the people who hurt them, didn't go as planned. Lillia, Kat and Mary are nervous for the incident in the Homecoming Dance. 
Despite the trouble they have caused, nobody has proofs that they were implicated in it. Though Reeve is beyond mad with Lillia and Rennie's meaner than ever with everybody.
But sweet little Mary knows that she had something to do with the disastrous incident in the Homecoming Dance and that means that something is seriously wrong with her. If she's angry, someone gets hurt and these days, Mary seems to be full of anger. But the worst part is that she understands the sentence: between hate and love there's a thin line. She understands now that she's in love with her bully and that he does not love her back, because he's in love with Princess Lillia!
Mary's now heartbroken and she her revenge seems to not be as successful as the three girls thought it should be. Reeve is recovering from the Homecoming Dance event and maybe even succeed in getting better. So they decide to start again. This time an eye for an eye, a broken heart for a broken heart. Reeve is going to feel the pain Mary's now feeling and Princess Lillia will help. 
Until the end.

If Burn for Burn was beyond amazing, Fire with Fire is freaking awesome. Finally we get to the romance and revenge mixture we've yearning from the first book.
What we like is the fact that if you've read Burn for Burn and you start reading Fire with Fire, this new book is like not a day have happened between the two books. With the Homecoming Dance incident fresh in all the characters memory, the story keeps going just to get even messier than before!
So let's start with Mary. This character in particular keeps blowing our mind off. We knew that something strange was going on with her, but we were not expecting, AT ALL, what we know now about her. 
At some point, she realizes that she's in love with Reeve, her bully when they were little, but she does not love her back. Even when she asks him in a Halloween party if he feels sorry for what he did to her, he just tells her to fuck off. That's when the three girls, now friends, decide to finish what they started. 
Lillia is the key to destroy Reeve. Mary has seen Reeve around Lillia and she knows pretty well that he cares for Lillia like he has not care for a girl before. So imagine the sweet, sweet revenge it is for her if Mary could make Reeve feel what she feels every single day. 
Kat, on the other hand, tries to show Alex Lind what he missed by not being with her, but she does not caused the effect she expected. She tries to enter into a University and she embarks into a memory trip during the book. The authors introduce us into Kat's old story, the one involving her mother. In the course of this story, she is surprised by a character in the book. We didn't expect at all this turnout, but it was about time. However, we, deep down, knew that that would happen when things would get messy in Lillia's circle of friends. 
And Lillia... We were fond with this girl before, but now? We just love her! She's sweet and a good person. We get to know more about that night with the university boys that made her life a living hell and we get to see a romantic side of Lillia. It's beyond cute! We see, step by step, how her relationship starts to change and what started as a revenge is soon turn into something different. Something that makes Lillia feel like she's a bad person.
If you thought that Rennie could not get even meaner than she was, you were wrong. She's a witch! Although we see a nice side of her during the book (almost the end), we could not like her, at all. So imagine our surprise at then end of the book when everything turns out really, really bad for her. We were so happy! We're expecting that moment from the first time we read about the new plan the girls had set in motion. Despite this, the real ending was quite disturbing. Not just for what happens to her, but what we discover of Mary. Disturbing, spooky and perturbing would be three accurate adjectives to describe the ending. Although we don't really mind what happens to Rennie, because the girl was not a character you fall in love with, we felt bad for the girls. 
This book, at least Mary's POV, was confusing. We really want to know more about her story and what is going to happen now, although we could get an idea (OMG, hope not!). But we not quite understand what is going on with her and her family.
This book is as readable and entertaining, we'd venture to say that even more, as the first book. The authors have not loose they unique technique to make us a Burn For Burn addicts. Knowing Jenny Han's work and Siobhan Vivian's work, we knew this book would be beyond awesome, but even with that we don't quite arrive to describe it. They have shown us the three girls in this book as friends now, because what started as a healthy revenge, now is a revenge with capital letters and no matter what happens they'll have each other backs. Because if one goes down, all go down with her.
It was exciting reading this book and we loved the revenge plots and plans and the unexpected situations they get themselves on. And, as we've mentioned before, we're glad to see some romanticism going on with our main characters. Although this is not the only new thing we have. Because we get a taste of the supernatural in the first book, but now this book starts to scream supernatural everywhere. At least in one of the POV. 
We'd like to end this review, Book Addicts, recommending this book to all of you. It's a wonderful, revengeful and incredible story. And if you've not read the first book... What are you waiting for? It'll blow your mind off! 
Thank you Edelweiss and Simon & Schuster for giving us this amazing ARC and for spreading Jenny Han & Siobhan Vivian's work. Because, now, we cannot live without knowing more about Lillia, Kat & Mary.

And because we need to get it out of our chests, we're going to do a SPOILER section in this review. So those who would not like reading this don't click in this link: Fire With Fire Spoilers. Those who want to know what we're thinking and what we're so exasperated to tell about this amazing book, please click on the link (*wink*).


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