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Dirty Little Secret By Jennifer Echols

Dirty Little Secret 
Jennifer Echols
288 pages
Publisher: MTV Books
Release Date: July 16th, 2013
Rate: Enjoyed it

One stupid mistake was all it took for Bailey to almost be the black sheep of her family. Living with her grandfather when her parents and sister are away, working on her sister's career to be a successful singer. Julie and Bailey were an item. The sang and played the guitar together, they should have been together in the search of fame, but Bailey was left out. 
Now, feeling all the rejection and the fear of causing something that might annoy her parents, she's Nashville clinging into the only music world she's allowed. And that is thanks to his grandfather. Because if it were for her parents she'd be sitting in the house all day.
Julie's debut album is important and is set to hit the charts really soon and she cannot have bad publicity from her sister, so Bailey feels like the black sheep. And her only scape? A boy she met at work. A trouble-boy and womanizer with a band willing to rock Bailey's world. They need each other. Sam needs her for her talent and she needs music like air to breathe. However, they don't realize how much more they need each other.

We've been in love with Jennifer Echols' stories for a long time. Specially, Endless Summer. So when we received the ARC and, later, we saw the opportunity to be part of the blog tour, we didn't hesitate. We believed in Jennifer's work.
Being the black sheep of the family is difficult and its more difficult when you did nothing to deserve that title. Dirty Little Secret is Bailey's story, the summer her family left her behind to enhance her sister's, Julie, career. Not only was she devastated because her sister was creating a soon-to-be famous career, but she was left out. Because her stupid ex-boyfriend was high in drugs one night they went to a party, without her parents knowing about it, and, of course, they had an accident. What would the media think? How would this affect Julie's career? Was her parents and Julie's concern. 
It's not fair at all and we think that her sister is a witch. You cannot be mad to your sister to the point of not talking to her at all in weeks, months?, just because her ex-boyfriend had an accident and she was in the car with him. It's like she wanted to had the accident. Hello? Sister, wake up! She's infuriating. Sorry for those who might be in Julie's team for whatever reason.
But from a bad situation always comes a good one. Bailey is not allowed to do anything that might draw attention to her, so she cannot sing, be in a band or similar things/situations. The only thing is allowed to do is a job in the mall her granddad got her so she could at least have some music in her life that summer. She was not supposed to met a sexy, womanizer and talented boy and her father there. They were a duo and Bailey played with them in the mall. The best part? Sam makes Bailey fall for him, without doing much, even though Bailey has been warned about him.
When Sam offers her the opportunity to bring music back to her life in the most wonderful way possible; being in a band, she accepts it. However, she is risking more than a broken heart. She's risking her future, because if she does something that her parents don't approve, she won't have the chance to go to college.

First of all, we have to say this because we might forget later. Which parents threat their kids with not going to college? Aren't they supposed to do the threat backwards? We didn't liker mother. It reminded us a little bit of Julie. But we liked her father. It was like the one in the middle, doing whatever he had to do, but not quite approving. We felt how he missed her daughter. It was heartbreaking.

One thing we know for sure: you don't need to be into music or like reading about it, to fall in love with this book. We personally love music and we understood Bailey perfectly. It was not difficult to see her struggle, either, and we felt like her family was unfair to her. And we totally lived every single moment with the band.
About Sam, we have to say that we are not very fond of him. When we think of him we can only picture him as selfish. One moment he's caring about Bailey's problems and the other is like he's only with her for the benefit, to have her in the band. When we read that possibility we were like: what? girl, leave him! However, we have to confess, that Sam possesses a charming ability to pull you either you want it or not. Kind of frustrating.
We liked the idea to know the other characters and see that they were not left behind. We totally love Ace and Ace's character and thought that he would be a much better "I'm-falling-in-love-with-you" character for Bailey. What we wanted to say is that this story is not only about how Bailey found Sam and they fall in love and had beautiful kids and... the last thing is not true. However, all the characters are involved in the story and not left behind and you can keep track of their story and changes as well.
The only things we did not like was the insta-love moment from Bailey. You might find a guy attractive, but fall in love at first sight? Ugh! Sorry. It's the only thing. We loved the book and we think that Jennifer Echols writes amazing romance stories and we love each one of them. 
That's why, Book Addicts, we strongly recommend this book to all of you who love romantic sotires and music. Because for Sam and Bailey her life is music. They breathe and live for music. 


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