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Deeper We Fall (Fall and Rise #1) by Chelsea M. Cameron

Deeper We Fall (Fall and Rise #1)
Chelsea M. Cameron
280 pages
Publisher: DRC Publishing
Release Date: 24th, 2013
Rate: Enjoyed it

Two years ago, Lottie Anders let her best friend go in the car with the Parker brothers. Two years ago, she did not felt right to let any boy who had been drinking alcohol in a party drive. Two years ago she had her best friend. Two years ago is when there was the car accident that changed the lives of Lottie, Lexie, Zan and Zack.
It is been two years since then and Lottie wants to start her freshman year of college as a new chapter in her life. She has started to forget about the Parker brothers and she is willing to not loose faith in the idea that her friend could recover from a brain injury that make her forget even how to talk or walk.
She had everything planned with her brother, Will, and her brother’s best friend, Simon, when everything falls apart. The brothers responsible for all the tragedy in her life and her best friend’s life are in the same campus, in the same building where she is living. And to make the situation worse, her roommate is dating the horrible and womanizer Zack Parker. The person she hates the most and the one she blames the most for the accident. If her friend had not been fooled with his charms, the same charms he is using with her roommate, Lexie would still be… Lexie. The worst part of all? Is that Zakc is cruel, selfish and does not care a bit of the damage he did to her friend, although his brother was the one driving the car.
Zan Parker is different from him. She hates him, too, but at least he feels remorse about that night. He listens her ramblings and he likes to read as much as she does. And he seems to be everywhere Lottie is. He barely speaks, but when Lottie lets him in, in order to protect her roommate from his older brother, things start to change.
Zan has been deeply, madly and desperately in love with Charlotte since they where little. Everybody called her Hottie Lottie, but to him, she was Charlotte. He looses all his functional abilities such as talk or walk properly when she is around. He had been trying to bring the courage to talk to her and ask her out, but that night changed everything, every slight opportunity he had with her. He saw it in her eyes that night at the hospital. If she only knew the truth…

Deeper We Fall is one of our love/hate stories we like to read so much. It’s a story about second chances, fighting for what you desire, forgiving others and yourself, love and acceptance. Chelsea M. Cameron shows us a hard situation, the consequences of a mistake, an accident.
It is a fear most of all feel. Having an accident and ruining someone’s life. We could barely keep our eyes from watering in every scene with Lexie. She was a normal teenager and all of a sudden she is lost, without remembering her birthday or how to walk or talk. If we did not know about the accident and that Lexie is nineteen, we could easily think that when Lottie goes visit her she is five years old or something because of the way Lottie talks to her.
The difficult part is the guilt Lottie feels. She feels part responsible of the accident because she should have not let her friend go into that car, knowing both brothers were drunk. Sometimes even wonders what would happen if she was in the car that night, too. This is part is a rough one, but Cameron makes us want to read it.
Lottie is a real girl. She says what she feels and thinks, that means that, she surely does not stop to think twice about it.

“Okay, maybe I shouldn’t have said fuck so many times. I should have taken the high road and turned the other cheek and all that, but I’m not that kind of girl. You know I’m not. I suck at keeping my mouth shut.”

Besides all the guilt and sorrow she feels, she tries to let go the things she is most afraid of losing and tries to make a fresh start. You have to be very brave to be willing to do this and actually accomplish it. 
On the other hand, Zan is the quiet type. He likes to listen to Lottie ramble and he does not speak much, just the necessary. His troubled past is beginning to hunt him and he has to deal with situations that put him on the edge of breaking down again and instead of choosing the easy way out, he chooses the hard way: fix things. Although Lottie treats him really bad and people misjudge him because of the accident, he always puts the other cheek. He always thinks he deserves the way people treat him as a way to punish himself for what happened to Lexie.
And then we have Zack. We all should make a badge for him that said: Congratulations to the biggest douchebag in the world! What we mean is that you can be a player with women (ok, we can accept that although we do not like it), but you do not have to be a drunk-asshole all the time and treat your so supposed girlfriend as your sexual slave.
The twindar is the part that makes us laugh a lot. That and Simon's part in the book and when they quote Star Wars. We laugh so hard with Simon and his energy that we are already trying to find a friend like him!! In general, we are glad to see different characters, with different hobbies and styles and glad to see how, as times goes by, they became a little family. It is really nice to see that when someone of the group has any problem, everyone go to the rescue.
We were hoping to see a redeemed Zack, but we think we were expecting to much from him. We were hoping that he had some of his brother's personality in him, but we were totally wrong.
We really enjoyed this story and every single character and event in it. Chelsea M. Cameron made us life Lottie and Zack's story so much that at the end of the book we were even quoting Star Wars! Definitely this is one book in our Summer Reads shelf and we really think that you, Book Addicts, are you going to enjoyed as much as we did, if you give it a shot. So do not hesitate and let Lottie and her friends into your life!

Matt Lanter as Zan Parker
Lyndsy Fonseca as Charlotte Anders
Chace Crawford as Zack Parker

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  1. Hi Patricia & Rosa!

    I came across your blog on goodreads and am so glad I did! I absolutely love the layout. Deeper We Fall sounds like a really good book that touches on a topic that not many authors really write about. I really respect authors that tackle tough subjects so I may have to give this book a try!

    Thanks for the great review. Also, I love how you add the "dream cast" at the end of your review. So clever!

    I am now following your blog. Feel free to stop by mine sometime and follow!

    Best Wishes,

    Mia @ The Muses Circle

  2. Hi Mia!

    We are so glad that you have found us =) We are really happy to hear that we have one more follower and that you like our blog.
    We really enjoyed Deeper We Fall. It's true that is not like other books we have read or the typical Summer Reads we are used to, because of what you said, the tough subject of this book. However, it's a really good book and we'd say an incredible summer read. We are sure you are gonna like it ;)
    We are following your blog, too. It is really incredible. We are madly in love with most of the TV shows you have wrote about. Seriously. You are now in our blog friends list ;)

    Thank you so much for everything and we are really happy to meet you ^^

    Have a nice week!

    Patricia & Rosa