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The Boys Of Summer (Summer #1) by C. J. Duggan

The Boys Of Summer (Summer #1)
C. J. Duggan
321 pages
Release Date: December 17th, 2012
Rate: Loved it

Tess was expecting this summer to be the summer she wanted to be: to be at the Onslow lake with her two best friends, Adam and Ellie. But her two best friends have another different idea. What could be better for summer than to work in the Onslow Hotel the three friends, earning money, meeting new hot guys and going to the hotel swimming pool?
Since Tess did not want to be left apart, she gets in this not so dreamy summer. And the problem is that she is afraid of everything. She's what you would called a shy person thanks, in part, to his jackass ex-boyfriend who has made her life a living hell since they broke up. She's even afraid of the coffee machine! The summer is getting even worse, when Adam breaks his arm while dancing, drunk, on a pool table. As a punishment his is sent to spent the summer with his grandmother, knitting and carry boxes from the grocery. That's when Tess thinks this summer is the worst summer ever. Until they met the Onslow Boys.
It was easy to called them the Onslow Boys. They were every day after a hard week at work, filling the place with laughter and jokes. And Toby Morrison, Tess' crush since she can remember, is one of the hot Onslow Boys.
What seemed a not so dreamy summer time, it begins to be the best summer of their lives. They hang out with The Onslow Boys almost every day. Old enough to drive cars, drink beer and not worry about curfews, that is what the Onslow Boys are. And the summer gets even more memorable when two of the Onslow Boys are fighting to get her heart.

We cannot believe that we have not found this book sooner. We are madly, deeply and insanely in love with each Onslow Boy. As we were reading the book, each time Duggan describe The Onslow Boys, the only think we were able to think was in a big shiny sign where you could read: Serious Hot Guys Alert. Besides that they are like a big group of masculine hormones, but in a good sense. They are man, not guys and they are mature from other characters like Tess' ex-boyfriend. It is also good to see that they are honest and good people and most important, they respect Tess and Ellie.
We really enjoyed seeing Tess change through the story. She was really shy thanks to his jackass boyfriend who made her life a living hell in high school. She was willing to forget everything in summer and hide from everything, but instead she ends up exposing herself each weekend at the Onslow Hotel. She has to fade the exigent crowd and she is able to gain confidence. But having someone like The Onslow Boys in her life, boys that did not judge a person by what people said or how they look like, is what really make Tess get loose. 
Ellie, however, is what guys could consider a bombshell. And because of that and her attitude toward the boys in her high school, she is consider a slut. Imagine our shock when she drops a big bomb of truth right into our face in the end of the book. We were beyond stunned. We think that this character is the one that provides all the energy to the book and the one who is always willing to do the things other are afraid to do. 
Adam is the funny friend everyone has in their group of friends. We are in love with him and a little bit disappointed, because we were suspecting all along that he had some feelings for Tess and we were hoping to see him fight with our beloved Onslow Boys, all caveman. But he steps aside! What?!?! Yes, ladies. All a gentleman. To not ruin their friendship. Bullshit! We think he was afraid of the hotness of the Onslow Boys (*wink, wink*). Despite this, we would not mind to have our personal Adam with us!
We would love to talk to every Onslow Boy, but we are gonna talk just about the ones who made our heart beat fast. Is that or talk non stop! 
Sean is a legal and honest guy. We have been repeating over and over that they are hot, but we think Sean is the one that would win the title of the Hottest Onslow Boy. He's such a great guy that even when Tess messes up everything at the almost end of the book he even tries to help, trying to smooth things. Even when all the trouble comes looking for him! Such boy is not easily to find.
And the only Onslow Boy left to talk about is Toby. Toby Morrison. We are in love with him because he tries to do the right things. He's hot, a good guy and he's having some problems while being around Tess. He even leaves his former girlfriend! However, the have a few problems, all because of Tess. She thinks that a boy like Toby Morrison, older than her, more mature than the boys she's been with and one of the Onslow Boys, would never, ever, ever, would go out with a child like her, right? Wrong! And that's the problem in their relationship: Tess' insecurity. Although, like we have repeat until our eyes hurt, he's a good guy and they way he handles things it made us cry! Where do we have to sign up to find such guys?
We are very fond with this couple and think they are really cute together. However, we feel really bad for Sean. Poor, hot, good Sean.
Book Addicts, this book is one of our most beloved Summer Reads, definitely! We are madly in love with all of the Onslow Boys and we are trying to find guys like them for this summer!! (*wink, wink*).
You'll fall in love with the book, with the boys and with both girls. This Summer Read is gonna captivate you from the first page and you won't be able to leave the book or go to sleep until you've read it all! That's what happened to us. We finished the book in one evening. We were really sad to finish our relationship with the Onslow Boys so soon, but then we saw that the second book is going to be released this summer! Yes, Book Addicts, Endless Summer is gonna bring our beloved characters. Plus, it's all about Sean this time! So, what better time will you find than this time to start reading this book? 
Captivating, refreshing, full of hotness and funny. This would be a few of the words, from a lot more,  we would use to describe this book. We can assure you, Book Addicts, that you're gonna fall for this book as much as we did. You're gonna jump so quickly in the story that this summer you'll be searching for some vacations like the ones the characters spend, some boys like the Onslow boys and a summer full of new experiences and romance! So what are you waiting for? 


Colton Haynes as Toby
Josh Henderson as Sean
Zac Efron as Adam
Danielle Panabaker as Tess
Gemma Ward as Ellie
Ben Barnes as Stan

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