Friday, June 21, 2013

FFBC Ink by Amanda Sun: Quotes & Drawings

Book Addicts,

Today's event of the Fantastic Flying Book Club is the Quote & Drawings day of Ink by Amanda Sun.
We're really excited about this, because one thing that amazed us is Tomohiro's drawings. Magical and with a lot of personality, this drawings make the book magical, so we wanted to share some of this magic before you get the book.
However, what would be our books without the quotes that makes us dream and think about them?

"My heart was glass -easy to see through, simple to break"

"How do you win when you're up against yourself?"

"They tell you you'll forget how it used to be. You'll get used to it, that it's better to move on. They don't realize you can't. You're not the same person anymore."

""You didn't take the warning, so I guess it's void." He tilted his head back and grinned, and his bangs slid out of his eyes and to the tips of his ears."

""Tomodachi?" Jun said. "Maybe koibito?"
I choked. "What? No! We are not friends. Not even close."

Aren't they beautiful? We need to say that this sketches wouldn't have been inside of this wonderful book, if the artist Ross Siu hasn't draw them. She said that she used pencil crayons to sketch; a bit of tracing paper and then finished the sketch with fine-liner, oil-based markers and Chinese calligraphy ink.
We wish that it was as simply as it sounds! We would try, but wouldn't go past the eye of the horse. So we are beyond impressed with this and madly in love with them. Specially the horse one!

"Which quote is your favorite 
If you had Tomohiro's power with the ink, what would you draw?"

Want to know our answers?

We would love the first quote. So true and so heartbroken. We think is a brave quote and a delicate one as well, but it also shows the strength of the character, not just his or her vulnerability. Because love makes us fools and makes us be exposed and fragile and obvious! You can tell by just looking to the person when he or she is in love.

About what we would draw, we would choose a dragon. It's not a thing you see in real life, like the horse or the birds. But not the like in the drawing. We would choose the fat ones? Like the ones you can see in Game Of Thrones but a little bit cutter. Those make us want to hug them, but, at the same time, to run away!

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  1. Love this one ""You didn't take the warning, so I guess it's void." He tilted his head back and grinned, and his bangs slid out of his eyes and to the tips of his ears."

    I'd draw me a world maid just for me.

    1. We love this one ^^ Stubborn Katie, hahaha.

      That's a nice one. Think we'll take your idea, too! =)

  2. My favorite quote of the ones you listed is "How do you win when you're up against yourself?" This question really resonates with me.

    If I had any skill at drawing, and the magic to make my drawings come alive, I'd draw a hellhound-type dog to be my protector/talisman. :-)