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FFBC: Welcome to the club, Played (Hooked #2) by Liz Fichera

Played (Hooked #2)
by Liz Fichera
Publisher: Harlequin Teen
Release Date: May 27th 2014
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This Game Is Getting All Too Real

He said: I like to keep under the radar and mostly hang out with my friends from the rez. But when I saved Riley Berenger from falling off a mountain, that rich suburban princess decided to try to save me. 

She said: If I can help Sam Tracy win the heart of the girl he can't get over, I'll pay him back for helping me. I promised him I would, no matter what it takes.

"The book stands out in its nicely realistic portraits of the teens." (Kirkus)

"The plot is the perfect mix of real-life scenarios and swoon-worthy romance, while the issues of race and class that Fichera interweaves into the story add substance. In an alternating first-person narration style similar to Rainbow Rowell's Eleanor and Park, readers are given insight into the characters' thoughts and feelings. The tale sticks to the formula but the captivating ways in which the sequence of events plays out keep this take fresh and exciting." (School Library Journal)

I'm an American author living in the American Southwest by way of Chicago.  

Born and raised in Park Ridge, Illinois, I moved to Phoenix, Arizona, after college, never expecting to live more than one year among cactus and people who’d never seen snow. I was wrong. It certainly didn't hurt that I met my future husband in Phoenix too. 

Most of my stories are set in the American Southwest because I think the desert is a cool place. Living in Phoenix, I'm surrounded by Native American culture and influences, not to mention intriguing Hohokam petroglyphs and centuries-old canals. There are over 20 tribes in Arizona and I'm lucky to be neighbors to the Gila River and the Salt River Indian Communities. 

When I'm not busy writing my next novel, I like to travel, visit museums, support local theater productions, hike, and pretend that I'm training for a triathlon. I post a lot of photos from my desert and mountain hikes on my Facebook and Twitter pages. In no particular order, I've been chased by javalinas, rattlesnakes, coyotes, and even one curious black bear.

It would be impossible for me to choose just one as I read voraciously across genres. I have many faves. My latest is STILL ALICE by Lisa Genova.

My favorite time to write is after a long hike in the desert, usually in the afternoons, preferably with a big pitcher of iced coffee right next to my keyboard.

SEINFELD and Twilight Zone (especially the black and white episodes from the 60’s.)

Gah! Once again, I have many. GONE WITH THE WIND has been a fave of mine for years. I just love the epic-ness of it. And Rhett Butler.

See #2.

It depends on my mood. I love everything from Italian opera to New Country to heavy metal. I’ve loved The Proclaimer’s “500 Miles” forever.

Anything Italian. 

Although Rhett Butler is kind of old for me (although still a total hunk), I’d happily spend an afternoon (or a week) with Jamie Frasier from OUTLANDER if Rhett is not available. Thank you very much!

“If you can’t get through the front door, kick in a window.” That’s my motto and mantra. You need it as a writer.


My parents. Always have been; always will.

Adam Beach.

I admire anyone who’s not afraid to put themselves Out There with their art. 

Thanks so much for supporting authors. It’s a lonely business. And it’s an honor when someone takes the time to read your work—whether they *get* your story or not.

Hi Liz! We are really happy to host this FFBC. We are super excited to have Played in our FFBC and I can’t tell you how many times I found myself fangirling over hosting Played in our FFBC section. 

PLAYED explores the intersecting yet opposite lives of Riley and Sam, two secondary characters from HOOKED. PLAYED can be read as a standalone.

I did not originally plan on a second book; however, Riley and Sam were two of my favorite characters from HOOKED. After I finished HOOKED, I knew that I had to torture them a little bit more in PLAYED.

It follows the lives and loves of a group of high school students in Phoenix, Arizona, who attend the fictitious Lone Butte High School. 

Riley and Sam are in many ways very different from Fred and Ryan, even though Riley is Ryan’s little sister and Sam is a member of the same tribe as Fred. Riley and Sam, at least not initially, do not have as a mature and solid relationship as Fred and Ryan’s. However, like with Ryan and Fred, there’s a definite spark there that draws them to each other—whether they want to be together or not :)

Riley suffers from anxiety and at one point took medication for it. She also loves TEEN WOLF, chess, and thin crust cheese pizza. She also wishes she knew how to play guitar. Sam is more of a mystery and would prefer to keep it that way. He hates talking about his feelings and sharing secrets—they’re secrets for a reason, right? Anyway, he hates to lose at chess (or anything) and although he would never admit it, he has written poetry but thinks his poems are pretty stupid and has never shared them with anyone. Yet.

Once I got to know Riley, it wasn’t hard at all to write these scenes. Riley is very impulsive. Sometimes she acts and then thinks about her actions later (rather than sooner). Sometimes even smart girls can make poor decisions and Riley is no exception. 

Tension! It’s just not about a handsome or likeable hero (or heroine). The characters (and their relationship) has to be compelling. Compelling, in my opinion, is way more important than likable.

Some songs that I listened to (over and over) while writing HOOKED and PLAYED include:

1) “Whole Wide World” – The Proclaimers – perfection!

2) “Lover, Lover” - Jerrod Niemann – sexy and sultry. Totally swoon-worthy.

3) “The House That Built Me” – Miranda Lambert. I love anything by Miranda.

4) “Thunderstruck” – AC/DC – I could totally see Sam cranking anything by AC/DC as he rides his motorcycle or works in his yard.

5) “A Thousand Years” – Christine Perri. I know it’s cliché but Riley loves this song so I include it. J

6) “Boys ‘Round Here” – Blake Shelton. It’s a country thing. Country is big in the American Southwest, where this story takes place. 

“Whole Wide World” by the Proclaimers.

Hmmmm. A girl can dream, can’t she? :) I’d love to hear what readers have to say.

I have an idea for a third book in the HOOKED series, however it is still in the idea stage. I’m currently finishing two other contemporary YAs that have nothing to do with HOOKED or PLAYED. Time will tell!

Thank you, Liz! ;)

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Have you read Hooked? What are your thoughts of Played or what do you like the most about this series? If you haven't read the books, just show Liz some PLAYED love.


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