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Blog Tour: Royally Lost by Angie Stanton

Royally Lost
by Angie Stanton
Publisher: Harper Collins
Release Date: May 6th 2014
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Dragged on a family trip to Europe’s ancient cities, Becca wants nothing more than to go home. Trapped with her emotionally distant father, over-eager stepmother, and a brother who only wants to hook up with European hotties, Becca is miserable. That is until she meets Nikolai, a guy as mysterious as he is handsome. And she unknowingly finds herself with a runaway prince.

Nikolai has everything a guy could ask for-he's crown prince, heir to the throne, and girls adore him. But the one thing he doesn't freedom. Staging a coup, he flees his kingdom and goes undercover on his own European tour.

When Nikolai and Becca meet, it’s their differences that draw them together. Sparks fly as they share a whirlwind of adventures, all the while dodging his royal guard. But Becca's family vacation ends in a matter of days. Will Nikolai and Becca be forced to say goodbye forever, will his destiny catch up to him, or will they change history forever?

by Angie Stanton

I love libraries. Seriously. One of the best parts of being traditionally published is seeing my books show up in libraries all over the country.

My first experience with a library was probably first or second grade. A friend’s mom took us to the public library in my small town. They signed me up for my own library card and I was off and running. On my first visit, I checked out three books. On my second visit, I think I checked out close to twenty. I struggled to carry them all, and read every book within a week.

Later this summer, I’ll be visiting my childhood library again, this time as an author talking with teens.

As an adult, I’m still a huge library fan. I could say it’s because I love books so much, but it’s more likely because I’m cheap. Public libraries are such an awesome free service. I get movies, TV shows on DVD, music CDs, and, of course, lots of books. 

Some writers, and I’m sure publishers, want everyone to buy their book. I suppose I should be shouting that from the rooftops, too, but I’m not. If your library system carries my book, check it out! And if they don’t, ask for it! 

Most libraries listen to their patrons and order requested books. My library has over sixty libraries in its network. If my library doesn’t have the book I want, another one probably does. The system ships the book to my local library at no charge.

So if you don’t have a library card, go get one! And if you’re cheap like me, you’ll enjoy a world of free entertainment.

To request a copy of Royally Lost to be ordered for your library, here’s the info you may need:

Title: Royally Lost
Author: Angie Stanton
Publisher: HarperTeen
ISBN: 9780062272584

Thanks so much for hosting me on your blog today. I hope everyone enjoys reading Royally Lost as much as I enjoyed writing it.

Royally Lost
by Angie Stanton

Nikolai opened his eyes, chilled, as a cloud blocked out the sun. Next to him, Becca slept, her hand curled in his. She smiled in relaxed slumber.
He gently released her hand and looked around. A couple of people lounged on the distant beach and a lone man sat in the sand with a camera aimed straight at him. The hairs on the back of his neck stood up.
Nikolai turned his back to the beach and nudged her. “Becca!”
“Hmm?” She stirred.
“There’s a guy on the beach and I’m pretty sure he’s taking our picture.”
Her eyes sprang open. “What?” She sat up and spotted the man. “You think he’s paparazzi?”
“It sure isn’t a random tourist aiming a long lens at us. How the hell did he know I was here?” Nikolai slid on his shorts.
“Oh crud.” Becca grabbed her clothes and quickly pulled them on. “You think he’s been taking pictures of us sleeping?”
“That and more. Lord only knows how long he’s been here.” He didn’t notice him when they were in the water, but that didn’t mean he hadn’t been lurking in the trees, snapping pictures.
Nikolai stuffed their leftover lunch items into his backpack. How did this camera-wielding jerk find him?
Dressed, with everything packed up, they headed for the motorbike. Their path unfortunately forced them to pass the creep with the camera. Nikolai pulled his baseball cap low and hid behind his sunglasses. He led the way with Becca’s hand firmly in his.
“Prince Nikolai, why did you run from the palace?” The photographer, a short, heavyset man with cameras strapped across his chest moved closer.
Nikolai picked up the pace, but the man stayed with them, walking backward and snapping pictures. This was no official appearance where Nikolai owed the press a friendly smile and kind word.
“Do your parents know where you are?”
He ignored him.
“Your friend is beautiful. Is she the reason you fled? What’s her name?”
Nikolai bristled and fought the urge to shove the man to the ground and bust his camera. He glanced at Becca, her face pink with embarrassment. She didn’t need to be targeted by this oily loser.
“Have you heard that your sister, Princess Alexi, has gone missing?”
Nikolai hesitated for an instant, but then hurried on. The man was lying. He was sure of it, and he wouldn’t let this vile intruder ruin their day.
They reached the bike. He hurried and strapped on the pack and hopped on. Becca climbed up, hugging him from behind. Nikolai liked the feel of her body secure against his. It made him feel better able to protect her.
The photographer kept snapping pictures and wouldn’t back off. “There are rumors that you have renounced the throne,” he baited.
Nikolai stiffened, but didn’t give him the satisfaction of a reaction. He started the engine.
“Where are you going next?”
“Wouldn’t you like to know?” Nikolai grinned, revved the engine, and spun gravel as they raced away.

Angie Stanton never planned on writing books, she wanted to be a Rockette. However, growing up in a rural setting with her brothers' 4-H pigs as pets, dance didn't work out. Instead she became an avid daydreamer. After years of perfecting stories in her head she began to write them down and the rest is history.

She loves dipping french fries in chocolate shakes, natural disaster movies and Broadway Musicals. When not writing, Angie is concocting ways to make more dreams come true, whether it be tickets to a Broadway show or convincing her family they should rent an RV and travel the country. She's still working on that one.

Angie is a proud double finalist of the 2011 National Readers Choice Awards for Love 'em or Leave 'em, as well as a finalist for the Golden Quill Awards.

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  1. I am not a library girl...I am a buy it and look at it till I can read it kind of gal. hehehe! I think going to the Library would be much cheaper, and make my husband much happier...hehehe... But, I love to have books on my shelves :)