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The Impossibility of Tomorrow (Incarnation #2) by Avery Williams

The Impossibility of Tomorrow (Incarnation #2) 
Avery Williams
384 pages
Publisher: Simon & Schuster Books For Young Readers
Release Date: June 4th, 2013
Rate: Loved it

Being an Incarnate has not been easy for Seraphina. After struggling with her decision of dying or living and adapting herself to Kaitlyn's life, Sera has arrived to a point of no return: She needs to kill Cyrus.
Not trusting anyone, not even Sera's true love, Noah, is hard. But not trusting the people you care about because you are afraid that he or she may be Cyrus, is a lot worse, because that means that the person she loves is gone forever.
Without knowing who Cyrus is, Sera must find him, before he finds her and her loved ones. Would she safe herself at last and be free forever without losing anyone in the process?

The Alchemy of Forever left us with an ache in our hearts that only The Impossibility Of Tomorrow could heal. We were heartbroken at first. Knowing Noah was lost forever was not an easy new to swallow. We couldn't imagine a forever without Noah by Sera's side.
We were glad to know, until a few (a lot!) of pages that we could keep our hopes high. 
This second book is more intriguing and stressful than the first one. Meaning that in the first one we knew who the bad guy was Cyrus and he was Mr. Shaw, but now we don't know who's Cyrus in! And that's scary, because Cyrus is scary. 
Seraphina starts to doubt everything and everyone. She cannot trust a single person near her and she even things Noah is Cyrus in more than one occasion. 
Avery Williams doesn't give anything to the readers until the end where she unravels all the truth with a big blast scene. While reading the book we become suspicious at first with some characters and then we change totally our minds.
It's true that at first things go slow. Sera has just found out that she may not see ever again her true love and she's dealing with her feelings, mostly, rage. But then everything starts to happen more quickly: trying to find Cyrus and trying to kill him forever.
Trying to know who will be Cyrus' next victim was the most terrifying for us in the story, because all the odds were with Noah. And we love Noah! 
And we couldn't stop laughing at the end. For two main reasons: we loved how the story ended. It's amazing. All the choices and the plot and which characters survive and which don't and how Sera finds peace with being in Kaitlyn's body, are perfect. And the other reason would be Cyrus' final situation. Bless karma or whatever, but we couldn't stop laughing when we read about the "tries to kiss everyone". I kept laughing about this the following day.
Avery Williams didn't disappoint us and made a perfect second book to keep writing Sera's story. This time still has the unraveling, unexpected and unthinkable twists in the story like the first book, but now we have to add a little bit of stress, bravery, fun and epic romance to the story.
And because Ms. Williams left us with a big smile on our face after reading her book, we are giving her  a five gorjuss doll in our unofficial ranking and saying to you, Book Addicts, that If you were searching for another epic series to read about, this is your story! 
Don't miss Seraphina's story!

India Eisley as Seraphina "Sera"
Brant Daugherty as Noah
Lindsay Ellingson as Kaitlyn
Matt Barr as Cyrus


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