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Fire in the Blood (Last Moon Rising # 1) by Dale Ibitz

Fire in the Blood (LastMoon  Rising # 1)
Dale Ibitz
226 Pages
Published by CreateSpace
Realease Date: July 11th, 2011
Rate: Enjoyed it

We have received Fire in The Blood in our mailbox, thanks to the author, in exchange for an honest review.

Are you ready to be sucked into a Gods War? If so, prepare yourselves for an adventure, one you may not get out alive. Fire in the Blood is the first book in the Last Moon Rising series. This is an exciting book with an innovative plot that will captivate you from page one.

I liked this book. I really enjoyed reading every page of it. The writing was clear and smooth; it was easy to understand what was going on. The author describes Eyidora, and all the things happening, with enough words to make yourself a picture of it, but not too much to not let your imagination run wild! This is one thing I really appreciate in a book, enough description to know what is surrounding the characters, but direct to the point.
I liked how Ms. Dale mixes the dialogues and description, like I said you cannot lose track of the main story. The dialogues were credible. Each of the character sounded like their actual ages and each one of them acted like you would have done in these situations

As for the plot, you have read the synopsis right? It is awesome! When I read the synopsis I was like “this is it! This is for sure my next 5 gorjuss doll!” Ok, I may have gotten too excited! I’m not saying it was bad, not at all! Like I said, I liked Fire in the Blood, but I think Ms. Dale could have taken more advantage of it. But hey! It wasn’t bad, I’m telling you! I’m giving it 4 gorjuss doll! 
Even though I think that with such a fantastic idea –war between nature Gods, and that this war is the one destroying our world? It immediately blew my mind!– Ms. Dale could have had done something even bigger. I think that Ms. Ibitz did a good job creating the main story. The plot was enthralling and refreshing.
In Fire in the Blood, we have a few twists, some of them you’ll know in advance –the author gives you clues–, others you will not know what has hit you in the head –worry not! It won’t hurt…not so much! –, but each one of them were well elaborated.

Now, I know you have been waiting for this: the characters! In Fire in The Blood we read Haley’s POV. Hayley is the main female character, the one who is supposed to save our world, hence put an end to the Gods war.
I have a problem with Haley. Usually I love the female character or I hate her. However with Haley I’m having a hard time deciding how I feel about her.
I don’t hate her, but I don’t love her either… Now that I think, I did want to slap her at some point, but just once. Anyway, I think that Haley’s character and attitude were believable. 
I would really love to tell you a lot of things about Tuggin aka super hot kidnapper and Ian aka as hot as Tuggin and popular school kid, but I’m afraid I will make you a big spoiler. Anyway, if you want to know more about these hotties, you’ll have to read Fire in The Blood
There are other interesting characters, each one of them with their pros and cons, but if you want to know which are, you’ll have to meet them personally.

The end of the book was something I wasn’t expecting. I though it will be more dramatic *Drama Queen Alert!*. It wasn’t like some other books which end so bad that you want, no, need the next book like right now! It wasn’t a bad end. I want to read the next book because Fire in The Blood was a great story, and I think that Ms. Dale’s work is excellent. Also, because I would like to know what would happen next.

I would like to thanks Ms. Ibitz for giving us such a great book to read and making us enjoy every minute of our reading. Finally, I would like to recommend this book to you and to every person in the world since I know this is a book everyone will enjoy.


  1. Thanks for the review! I laughed out loud when I read how you wanted to slap Haley. Once. I've heard that sentiment before!

    1. haha thank you for giving us such a wonderful book to read! We appreciate that you have read and like our review.
      I am now starting Strong Blood, and I have nothing to complain about!