Sunday, August 11, 2013

Fallen Too Far (Fallen Too Far #1) by Abbi Glines

Fallen Too Far (Fallen Too Far #1) 
Abbi Glines
188 pages
Publisher: Abbi Glines
Release Date: December 14th, 2012
Rate: Loved it

Blaire Wynn has left her home, her friends, her whole life in Alabama after her mother death. She's homeless now and has no family that loves her left. Well, she has her father, but he left her mother and, as a consequence, left her to marry some woman. 
Now she's asking her father some help, but in the process she meets hot and famous Rush Finalay who is also his soon-to-be stepbrother. He has money, girls and everything he wants. But he carries a lot of baggage. 
What neither of these two could prevent was their unmistakable attraction. Although Rush is trying to keep Blair away from him, not just for the fact that she's the daughter of the man he hates the most, but for some dark secrets he's keeping to himself, he's not succeeding at all. And when the sparks fly, there' not turning back. The only problem is that Rush's secret could destroy them.

Holy freaking cow. We're already designing a big banner that claims my undeniable love for Rush Finlay. He's hot as hell and so cocky that we couldn't help loving him or wanting him, desperately. We totally understand Blaire.
We have read Abbi Gline's book before and we are madly in love with her work. So reading Rush and Blaire's story was exciting and refreshing. We missed a lot her work and we're happy to say that we enjoyed as much as we did with the other books we've read.
We're happy to introduce you to hot as hell, wealthy and cocky Rush Finlay. He's the son of the rocker Dean Finlay, so with his father money it also came the fame. He's a womanizer and he's everything he wants whenever he wants. We like his attitude of bad boy and we would love to add a Rush Finlay to our Christmas wish list this year (*wink*).
Blaire is a naïve girl who spent her adolescence taking care of her sick mother, watching her fade as time passed by. But her tragedy story does not end there. Her father left her and her mother after having an accident. In the accident, Blaire's twin sister died and his dad couldn't take it. So he took the easy way out: he left them and run with another woman. She hates her father for leaving her and not caring for her mother when he claimed that her mother was the loved of his life. Although she's vulnerable and naïve is also strong and she's willing to take a fight if she needs to, because we can't take of our heads how Grant and Blaire met.
Nannette "Nan" is Rush's half sister and Grant's stepsister. Although we don't know, until the end,  why Nan is so important that Blaire cannot ask about her. She's a spoiled and annoying little brat that irritates us a lot. We even imagine her with high and pedantic voice, begging to Rush for some attention.
Grant is a good guy. He's friendly and he does not like Nan (yay!). He's always wanting to help Blaire and defending her in front of Rush, at first (obviously). 
We love the sexual tension between Rush and Blaire. Holy freaking cow, she even says to Woods that Rush refuses to give her something she yearns for (if you know what we mean!) (*wink, wink*). Imagine our happiness when these two end up together. And now picture us as a heartbroken and devastated women when we read the end of this book. But the author, to cheer up her fans, let us know that their story is not the end. Yay? Not yay! What the hell was that? Seriously Blaire? Come on! Shoot Nan already and get over it and go find Rush. Although Rush would not forgive you for that. But we'll totally support you, girl!
This book was a wonderful reading and Abbi Glines did not disappointed us at all. We can understand how her fans are madly in love with her books, because they are fantastic! Fallen Too Far is a sweet, unraveling, hot as hell and sexy story about a boy and a girl that shouldn't be together, but that their attraction goes way beyond every rational thought they had. 
As sick fans sexy romantic novels, we totally recommend this book to all of you, Book Addicts, because you cannot live without meeting Rush Finlay and you cannot miss Rush and Blaire's story.

Rafael Lazzini as Rush
Barbara Palvin as Blaire
Caleb Halstead as Grant
Alexis Knapp as Nan




    1. Hi Dalu,

      I love it, too. I read the three books in two days! Then depression to not read more about Rush, but then I found Twisted Perfection ;) It's not Rush, but I love it too hahaha