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Hover (The Taking #2) by Melissa West

Hover (The Taking #2) 
Melissa West
352 pages
Publisher: Entangled Teen
Release Day: August 13th, 2013

Ari Alexander is now in a new world. Loge is nothing like Earth. With a heartless and brutal leader who seems to be everywhere, Ari is more in danger than she was in Earth. And knowing that the person she loved betrayed her, is unbearable.
Living with Jackson, not knowing If she can trust him, and trying to survive Zeus' tortures, Ari finds herself in the middle of another mission. And this time is not only to save humans, but logers as well. Because in Loge, not everything is what Ari thought it would be or what at first sight seems.
When all they need is a spark to start a rebellion, Ari's willing to provide a bonfire to safe the people she loves and the ones that are in Zeus' power.

Before starting our review, we have to thank Entangled Publishing for offering this wonderful opportunity. Because we not only could read more about Ari before the release of the book, but we got a sneak peak in Melissa West's world.
Book Addicts, there's only one word to define this book: wow. This story is not just amazing, wonderful and brilliant, is something beyond that. If you loved the first book, Gravity, you're going to feel the pull stronger this time. Because this story is not about surviving anymore, this new story is about surviving in a new, strange and dangerous world while trying to ignite a rebellion.
Following the story that left is with an ache in our hearts, Melissa West keeps the story of Ari Alexander when she arrives at Loge. Not able to survive anymore in Earth after humans releasing a dangerous neurotoxin to all humans who had been healed by the Ancients, Ari finds herself lonely and lost for the first time.
We loved how Jackson, in the first book, described Loge, but now, we actually have a sneak peak about this new world, its culture and how the Ancients truly are. Because if one thing we have learned after reading this book is that nothing is what it seems to be at first.
In this second book, Ari is struggling between trusting Jackson or not. After not telling her he's actually Jackson Castillo, she's not willing to give her heart and trust again like nothing happened before. First, she'll learn about him. We understand her behavior. She's in a new world, with people that she knows hate her and with the boy that betray her. Or so she thinks. Is a rational behavior to not trust the boy, although we were dying every single moment that they were not together. If you thought Ari was mature and determined, in this book is even more mature and determined. She learns a lot in Loge and finds friendships among the Logers. It's really nice to get to know this new Ari, survival/determined-to-kill-Zeus type. It bring the action that we were hoping to see in this book.
As for Jackson, what can we say? We love him. We loved him in Earth even before reading about the betrayal, so what's not to like to the Loge version? Well, at first he acts a little bit distant and it's shown to have different personalities: one with Ari, another in the RES training facilities and another when he's afraid of Mami. And who's Mami? Jackson's grandmother. Sweet, right?
It's true that the boy has issues to work out, but it's obvious that Ari is the solution. She's the key to soothe his worries and they do a great team together. It'd be a shame to not let them be together, not only emotionally speaking.
We also meet new characters like Vill, Jackson's friend and housemate, Mami, Jackson's grandmother or Emmy, a healer from Loge who really helps Ari. We get a glimpse of other characters that you may know from the first book, like Gretchen, who's devastated by Ari's absence and Law, who has changed A LOT! (We officially hate him).
We have live in Earth with Ari's story and now is the turn of Jackson's world from Ari's point of view. With great descriptions, incredible characters and a breathtaking new plot, we are transported to Loge where people are afraid of their leader, who has become insatiable of power. The need of survival is intensified and the only way Ari can succeed and safe them all is by getting help from the logers. And what better option that starting a rebellion?
The end was even more breathtaking than the first book. To a heart attack level of action, I-can't-believe-this-just-happened and OMG. Yes, that's the only way of explaining the end. We didn't see it coming and were as shocked as the main character. I'm officially dying to read the third book after this shocking end. 
Overall, Hover brings the best of the survival instinct of The Hunger Games and the incredible and unpredictable world of Divergent. Why we say this? Because while you read the book you can feel and almost touch the need of staying alive to safe the innocent people, in a new, unknown world and with the repression of an evil leader. 
On the other hand, you read the anxiety of the main character of trying to safe everyone even if it means getting herself killed. We also see some kind of tortures that the Divergent fans may recognize.
If you are a fan of The Hunger Games and Divergent, this is a must read book.With a touch of extraterrestrial sci-fi, Ms. West brings the survival and the rebellion to another level, without losing the Hover nature, with the unique writing style only Melissa West could provide to this story, and remaining true to the main character's feelings: her need to save the world and Jackson.
This would be a more than five gorjuss dolls, but our ranking ends in five. So with a well deserved five gorjuss dolls, we say to you, Book Addicts, that is not a read to miss. And If you have not had the change to start this shocking and awesome series, what are you waiting for? Let the Ancients enter your home. And remember, once's they have been in your life, don't ever peek.

Crystal Reed as Ari
Chris Zylka as Jackson

What do you think, Book Addicts?


Melissa West

She lives in a tiny suburb of Atlanta, GA with her husband and daughter. She pretends to like yoga, actually likes shoes, and could not live without coffee. Her writing heroes include greats like Jane Austen and Madeleine L'Engle. 

She holds a B.A. in Communication Studies and an M.S. in Graphic Communication, both from Clemson University. Yeah, her blood runs orange.

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