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A Tale Of Two Centuries (My Super Sweet Sixteenth Century #2) by Rachel Harris

A Tale Of Two Centuries (My Super Sweet Sixteenth Century #2) 
Rachel Harris
320 pages
Publisher: Entangled Teen
Release Date: August 6th
Rate: Loved it

Alessandra D'Angeli is suffering from a broken heart. She misses her cousin from the twenty first century and she has occupied her time by searching for a man to marry while Lorenzo, Cat's lover, since she's no longer with them, has occupied his time with his passion: art. But when Alessandra's soon-to-proposed boyfriend, proposes a widow woman, she feels betrayed. Not just for the man he thought shared something precious with, but with fate. Why her? Why cannot she be like her brave cousin and live adventures and be free like her?
And like wishing upon a star, the gypsy magic that brought Cat to the sixteenth century, now brings Alessandra to the twenty first century where she finds metal carriages without horses, strange people with very rude manners and something called "bucks". Not to talk about the fact that she's wearing man trousers!
Being in the twenty first century may be confusing, new and strange for Cat, however what she finds more amusing in this new time is one infuriating and annoying boy called Austin Michaels. Handsome, troublesome and rebel, Austin Michaels might bring the worst of Cat, but when they make a pact, Cat starts to life by her own rules for the first time. Not caring what others may think, not caring what is appropriate for a respectable lady and not caring that she may be showing her ankles too much. 
Why would she want to return to a time when she's not understood and she cannot pursue her dream: become an actress? 
When Less' starts to run out of time, she will need to decide if she wants to stay and why, because If you does not stay she would not only lose her dream, be an actress, but the love of her life.

When we thought that Rachel Harris could not do a better job, she writes this wonderful story about Alessandra D'Angeli, a character from My Super Sweet Sixteenth Century series that we already loved.
As you can guess we really liked this character and having a adventurous and romantic story about her was all it took to stop all our reading and start with this second book in the My Super Sweet Sixteenth Century series.
We have a confession to make, and it's that we even liked this book more than the first one. Probably for the different ending and that Less' impressions are much more funnier.
This time we have again a gypsy time travel event who sends Less to Cat's time. If you thought that Cat's story, trying to fit into Less' time was funny and romantic. Wait to read this book. Because reading Less' point of view of our new modern world is just hilarious. 
I couldn't stop laughing the firsts chapters. Seeing her reaction when she appears in LA was worth reading it and when she finds herself with "man trousers"? Not to spoil all the fun, but she is hilarious when she takes a taxi for the first time. When she doesn't know how to open the door of the steel carriage or how she thinks that twenty bucks means to give the taxi driver some sort of animal.
I have to say it again: I think that Less' story is way too much funnier than Cat's. Because I think that Cat's story was more about finding love and trying to accept the perks in her life. However Less' story is more of living and adventure and freeing herself from her sixteenth century's bindings that controlled her.
Her discoveries and adaptation to our world is one of the steps the main characters has to struggle with, although it bring us, readers, an funny entertainment.
Her collision with a character like Austin, what we could call a free spirit, was imminent and helps the character free herself. It's nice to see their collision. Howe Less is annoyed by Austin actions, so she does something about it. That brings Austin' attention to the new girl who tries to be perfect and act according what others think it's the best behavior.
He's not far from wrong, so he challenges her, making Less' journey a far more adventurous one that she has previously thought.
Like their relationship, Less' adaptation to our world is a gradual progression. You see how she struggles with everything and how she tries to spent her time in the twenty first century doing what she always wanted to do: act. Thanks to Cat's dad she does an audition to a Shakespeare's play, think that would help her hide her old language, and she gets to live her dream.
But Austin makes her dream more. Big dreams, step by step, that challenges all her beliefs and education and that bring the two teens together creating a wonderful bond: true love.
A scene that I liked the most was when Less dyes her hair to an rainbow color of hair. I laugh a lot and she looked like a little kid, happy and excited by the things and opportunities that are in this time. And that Austin is the person that makes her happy.
It's also nice to read about characters from the first book like Cat and Luke and see a little sneak peek of Lorenzo, too. In this book we see how Cat is afraid to love Luke the way she loved Lorenzo, feeling like she is betraying him and then feeling like this is the real thing, that there's no time to screw this up, because the gypsy magic won't take her to another time.
The main character helps her by trying to open her eyes. Now Less brings a little bit of knowledge to the cousin that brought the dreams and possibilities to the sixteenth century.
It was a relieve to read a different end from the first book. I was so heart broken after reading the first book that I was afraid to read this one. But Rachel Harris lets Less have her happy ending, an ending that makes worth reading this book. It was such a sweeping, wonderful and beautiful ending that I could hide my smile.
And about Austin? What can we say, Book Addicts. We love him. He's the perfect guy: charming, lovable, cocky, free from society rules and handsome. He would do anything to be with Less and he's not scared by the not-so-beliving tale about time travel and gypsy magic thing. He's the perfect guy for Less and we are truly happy to read about their story.
Rachel Harris creates a wonderful story, about time travel, new opportunities, passion, courage and finding true love. I am so madly in love with this book that I cannot give another rating than five gorjuss dolls. I would give more, but I'm afraid that I can't.
We strongly recommend this book to fans of Rachel Harris' books and to those readers who love time travel stories, romance stories and mostly all other readers. Because A Tale Of Two Centuries is a novel that you cannot miss. Not only because it will captive you, make you want to read until the last page or make you love this sweet story about true love across time. But because you would want more!

"I've always believed, Austin," I tell him. "At first, I believed solely in the power of destiny and fate. Then, magic. But I've learned during these past few days that there is something even more powerful than those things." Austin raises an eyebrow, and I grin. "Choice. True happiness is something we create ourselves with our own choices: whom we want to be with, whom we let into our world, and how we choose to spend what little time we are given in this world. And I, Alessandra D'Angeli Forlani, (...) choose you."

Gabriella Wild as Caterina, "Cat"
Douglas Booth as Lucas
Astrid Bergès-Frisbey as Alessandra, "Less"
Alex Pettyfer as Austin

What do you think, Book Addicts?

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