Thursday, August 8, 2013

Dawn of the Apocalypse by E.S.P

Dawn of the Apocalypse
212 Pages
Publisher: Mind Candy Media
Release date: August 9th 2013
Rate: Average

When they thought that catastrophes were coming, their predictions couldn’t be more wrong. They would have never guessed a gargoyle invasion, designed to kill humans, was destined to end humanity. In order to save their lives, they should stick together and not rely on the government of the United States. 

Cliff Matthews is a teenage. He is by himself; he has no one except his sister, the one he wants to protect no matter what it costs. If keeping him and his sister alive wasn’t enough, hi has to face dangers even bigger when his own species aren’t what he thought they were. 

Cliff has to protect himself, not only from the gargoyles, but from a man willing to kill Cliff in order to take control of the world.
Dawn of the Apocalypse is a novel with survival spirit and scary monsters-aka gargoyles-. Dawn of the Apocalypse is a terrific apocalyptic book that will keep you on the edge of your seat and that will scare the h out of you. 

What make this book really scary are the monsters, gargoyles, this creatures were one of the things that keeps us reading the book. We liked how you could not see them coming. If you want to know what this terrifying thing we are talking about is, go ahead and read Dawn of the Apocalypse, though we have warned you…you would fear for your life.

Another thing we have to highlight is the fact that the characters were realistic, they were frightened at first (a normal reaction when some creatures are trying to rip your head); they were not trying to be heroes scarifying themselves. We liked that, you know? The characters made the story more credible (Here is when things get ugly).

Now, one thing we did have a problem was with seeing so many people dying (yeah we know it gives more realism to the story); this is our personal opinion, we don’t like bloody scene...if you don’t feel uncomfortable with this, then this shouldn’t be a problem for you. 

As for the characters, there is the main character we would like to talk about, he is 15 years old, and as you have read, he has lost his family, except his sister. He is like a normal boy of his age, impulsive, immature, with a unique love for her sister Angel, but hey, you have guessed, he has a secret! (No sarcasm intended). Leaving the secret behind (you would have to read the book to know what it is), we have made clear he is immature, well…when you are about to die because gargoyles has almost kill all human, you see yourself forced to be mature; That’s when we liked him, seeing him not like a selfish boy, but like a leader. 

Well, we should add that Dawn of the Apocalypse has 3 POVs, which is something we really appreciate since you have different perspectives. Now that we are talking about multiples POVs, it was good written, you did not get lost, for that we would add Dawn of the Apocalypse to our short list of books that has made us enjoy having different POVs.

To end this, we would like to remind you that all we have said is our opinion. If something didn’t like us, it may be different for you. Not being a big fan of bloody apocalypses (now you can laugh! how could exist an apocalypse without bloody scenes?) was one of the thinks that didn’t let us enjoy the book as much as it deserves. But, worry not! books addicts, this could be fun for you, so don’t be afraid and give it a try.



  1. Nice review. Thanks for participating :)

    1. Thank you! We are glad you had let us participate in the tour, thanks for that! ^^

      Patricia & Rosario

  2. Thanks for reviewing, despite there being some violence in the book. I'm glad you enjoyed it!

    1. Thanks to you! you have a great talent and we feel honored to read Dawn of the apocalypse.
      We like how you write and we hope we get to read another of your futures books, though we are praying it doesn't have gargoyles in it (we almost die of a heart attack!)

      Anyway, thank you for stopping by our blog and for trusting us with your book.

      Patricia & Rosario