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A Night To Forget (Emma's Story #1) by Jessica Wood

A Night To Forget (Emma's Story #1) 
Jessica Wood
126 pages
Publisher: ERH Press
Release Date: June 20th, 2013
Rate: Average+

What could be better than spend your senior year Spring Break in Cancun?
Emma Anderson is more than happy to spent her Spring Break in Cancun with her friends and now more than ever. Because this is her senior year in college and when her boyfriend dumps her because she's not willing to sleep with him, she's going to enjoy Cancun and maybe find some romance in the trip. Why not? After all she's single now.
But why is she not capable of sleeping with her boyfriend, well, now ex-boyfriend, when she's dreaming about doing it with a mysterious, sexy and hot guy? But Emma's dream is about to come true.
When she bumps into Brandon Fisher she cannot believe how her dream-boy is walking and breathing in front of her, in a beach in Cancun. 
Her dreams, finally, come true, but she leaves Cancun. And when she starts her new job, guess who is Emma's new boss? Would they avoid their unmistakable attraction?

Jessica Wood's story is full of mystery and romance. We really enjoyed reading her book and we think it's a good Summer Read.
We read this book in a night. We were eager to know more about Emma and Brandon and the mysterious boy in her dreams. Imagine our surprise when we found out it was Brandon? Well, we could see that coming (kind of).
What we enjoyed from the story is some unexpected turns that we witness. Like the behavior of her boyfriend before she went to Cancun or when she met him after the trip. We didn't know that character was going to be violent in the end. We're truly shocked, however, we didn't mind. He didn't like him at all.
Her friends are funny, but we only really liked her best friend. One of her friends, the one that is going to live in Paris, is kind of annoying. This is because there's a scene where Emma says that she'd love to visit Paris and since she's there she'd have an excuse to go visit her. And she acts like she doesn't want Emma! Who are you lady?? We can assure you one thing: You're definitely not Emma's friend. That's for sure .
And they don't know she's missing? What? They did Emma a favor, because that way she met Brandon in Cancun (officially) and spent the night with him, but seriously? We would be offended if my friends didn't notice we were missing.
Seeing Emma's dreams come true was a wow in the story, but we still do not know how that happened. We don't know why Emma was dreaming about Brandon and/or how. It's still confusing and a little bit annoying not knowing about it.
Despite this, we really like their romance. It was a hot night, or so we read, and then, at work, is an unmistakable attraction. Everywhere they go is like they have a invisible string pulling them together and it's so damn cute that you want to match them like: "Emma, Brandon. Brandon, Emma. You're hot for each other. Go have cute, pretty babies."
Sorry, but, Book Addicts, it's what we think. Honest point of view, remember?
And the ending? Dumbfounded, astonished, speechless, annoyed... We could keep on. But not with the author, with Brandon! What a douchebag! You cannot miss saying or mentioning something like that! One of the main points of wanting to read the second book, aside from wanting to know more about the story, is reading Brandon's explanation/apology. Brandon, man, we were already designing your badge for our Fictional Boys List. How could you? 
You can read our betrayal through this words, right Book Addicts? But to know why we and Emma feel so betrayed, you'd have to read this book.
To sum up, we enjoyed Jessica Wood's story although we think that are some parts of the story missing. We felt left out as readers, but Emma's story will continue in the second book: The Day To Remember. Hope we understand everything after reading it. 
That's the reason we've rated this book with an average plus gorjuss dolls. 

Natalie Domer as Emma
Matt Bomer as Brandon

What do you think, Book Addicts?


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