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Pretty Dark Nothing (Pretty Dark Nothing #1) by Heather L. Reid

Pretty Dark Nothing (Pretty Dark Nothing #1) 
Heather L. Reid
321 pages
Publisher Month9Books
Release Date: April 23rd, 2013
Rate: Average

Quinn's dreams have been haunted for twenty three days by demons. Demons that stalk her and whisper her how she'd die. The better option? No sleep. If demons make her life a living hell when she's sleeping, the rational solution is not closing your eyes. But when the lack of sleep starts to ruin Quinn's life, she knows that this "solution" won't last.
Aaron, with a troubled past, has been watching Quinn. Saying he has a thing for her would be not quite accurate. So when Quinn dozes off in the school hallways and he catches her, they worlds collide. 
Trying to enter Quinn's life is difficult, but what neither of them expected was that Aaron has a past that not even he remembers.

"Whips of fog were everywhere at once, twining around her body, binding her inch by inch with living rope. Darkness embraced her."

Wow, this one's going to be difficult to review. I had a lot of mix feelings with this book. The story is catchy and you can read the book without getting bored, but there was no connection between us. Sorry, guys.
I would describe this book as a strange story. We don't say that Ms. Reid didn't do a good job, it's just that sometimes the relationship book-reader doesn't work out. You know the saying: "It's not you, it's me".
The creepiness that the description of the book promises it's something that Pretty Dark Nothing has for sure. It's creepy how the demons stalk the main character and the situations she lives. The good questions would be: "How does she do it to remain sane and no go all nuts?". I can assure you that If we were in Quinn's situation we already have had a heat attack. 
And what about the last messages? It was suffocating. We were all the time screaming. Saying to Quinn to do something. Something that did not make this story worse. So, yes, we can blame her for a lot of things that happens in her story. 
We really think that this book has a lot of potential. However the strange feeling stings you until the end.
The main character is tormented by demons. Why? We don't know. Why they want her? Ah! Not until the end, guys. But is suffocating. Instead of trusting the only guy that seems to understand her and want to help her, she does the opposite. That's when we were all the time: "come on!" while reading the book.
And Aaron? He's a potential prince in his shiny armor waiting to rescue Quinn. However he has his own demons and own story. Wow, we weren't expecting this at all. What frustrated us was that neither he or Quinn seemed find each other in this I love you, I don't love you game they have going on through the whole story.
The only character that we felt fond with was Marcus, Aaron's friend. He reminded us to Dylan O'Brien's character in Teen Wolf, Stiles. And we truly, madly love Stiles, so we ended up loving Marcus character.
But the climax of frustration arrives when Quinn kisses Aaron and then goes back with her ex. Say what? Yes! Like I said, a frustrating girl loves a sometimes frustrating boy.
If you ask us what went wrong in our relationship (Pretty Dark Nothing and us) we would say that there was way too much drama and that mades us think that the story was too slow, that it never arrived to the situation were everything turns out to be a big bomb of unraveling things. When we arrived at that point was way too fast and we had to read twice to understand everything. And couldn't believe it!
How can everyone be so naive? I mean, it's like knowing a house is haunted or someone is killing people in a specific place and you go there, at night, and with a lantern with low battery. It's like I said before, you want to yell the characters: "Come On!".
Because of this things, we have to give this book three of our most gorjuss dolls in our rating and we encourage you to read this book.
Want a good advice? If you read this book, don't do it at night! But it would be a good story to read in daylight. However If you are a fan of creepy/horror stories, you'd like this one that mixes teen lifestyle, with romance and paranormal creatures and, of course, this whole creepy-horror theme.

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