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Autumn (Dog Days #1) by Sierra Dean

Autumn (Dog Days #1) 
Sierra Dean
Release Date: June 11th, 2013
Rate: Enjoyed it

Eloise's, "Lou", life could not be worse. His father is dead, her mother recently told her that they need to move and they are moving into her grandmother's house in Poisonfoot. As if the name was not the bad enough, Poisonfoot is a creepy place. Sort of. Lou has not even arrived to her father's town, when she starts seeing strange things. Well, her dead father's ghost.
Cooper Reynold's life is a mess. He's a pariah in Poisonfoot and he has a big problem. When he would turn eighteen, thanks to a curse in his family, he'll be doomed to life as a coyote. Forever. Not turning human again. Ever.
And when Cooper's world and Lou's world collide, all the people in Poisonfoot starts to act even weirder. Everyone keeps telling Lou to stay away from "that Reynolds boy", even Cooper, but Lou's determined to make her own opinions. Therefore, for the first time, Cooper's also warned to stay away from Lou and all because she's a Whittaker. 
Cooper's problems are approaching, the clock ticking, and Cooper must decide if he would trust Lou enough to tell her his biggest and most terrifying secret, before it's too late for him to be saved. 

Sierra Dean's novella is a refreshing story. We've read a lot of werewolves and all that. Turning into werewolves and becoming humans again. But Sierra Dean makes our heart stop just wondering how it would be to be an animal forever. 
It's true that at first we're a little bit lost. What on Earth is her father's ghost appearing to hear in a mirror? This is not a coyote-curse story? It was weird. However, it was not long after this incident that we start to understand what is going on.
Our main character is sometimes a little weird? Only at first. We don't know how to express it, but we didn't fall in love immediatly with her as we always do. It took as a while. However, we feel bad for her. For her situation. She really misses her dad and seeing the ghost of her father in order to save the boy she likes? Just too much. That's why we had to like her!
About Cooper, well, we feel bad for him. Even now. Being cursed is not a happy story to tell anyone, let alone being the town pariah at high school and that everybody in your town avoids being with you does not help at all. It's a mixture of bad boy and being afraid of him for the rumors about a curse. He's afraid of becoming a coyote, yet he's accepted the fact that his family is cursed and if he does not find a solution he'll be a coyote forever. Just like his brother.
The end of the book was kind of shocking. We were not expecting anything we read there! And when we arrived to the last page we kept clicking on our iPads, thinking: this is a mistake, maybe the book is wrong. It has to be! Holy freaking cow! What?? Seriously?
First of all, we couldn't believe that the author left us in the best part. We mean, we kept clicking on the damn screen wondering where the the rest of the story was! And second of all, the end of the story was quite unraveling and created a huge shock to readers like us! We cannot wait to get our hands in Sierra Dean's sequel, Winter. The "bad" thing? It's coming in November 2013. Too long to can sleep again after that ending!
We recommend this book to all our Book Addicts if you love every paranormal/supernatural story with a dose of curses in the middle! You'd love this insane story and when you arrive to the end you'll be as shocked as we were and as anxious to read the second book, Winter, as much as we do now!
We're going to keep on eye on every website to get our hands in the second book as soon as we can!In the meantime, Book Addicts, grab a copy of Sierra Dean's work and you'll be hooked with Cooper and Lou's story!

Logan Lerman as Cooper
Zoey Deutch as Lou

What do you think, Book Addicts?


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