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Loving your lies by Piper Shelly

Loving Your Lies
Piper Shelly
404 Pages
Release Date: September 8th, 2012
Rate: Loved it

Jona is almost 18 years old. Her mother abandoned her and she has been living in a pigsty since her mother left her. Then when things can’t be worst, she gets caught stealing something, and is send to France to live with her aunt, the mother who abandoned her, and a hot guy with the most beautiful blue eyes she has never seen named Julian.

She is going to spend 6 weeks, until her 18th birthday, working in her aunt’s vineyard. What’s worse is that Jona’s mother, after leaving her when she was a child, wants Jona to forgive her.
And if sharing a house with the Dragon, aka mother, wasn’t bad enough, Jona is sleeping next to Julian’s room.

Julian is the one who takes care of Jona’s mother, which does not make Jona happy at all. When Julian is around, Jona doesn’t seem to think straight. He has some power over her. Even with the most gorgeous eyes, Jona does not trust him enough. She believes something is wrong with Julian and she is willing to know what it is.

Will Jona forgive her mother for what she had done to her? Will Jona find out what Julian’s secret is?

Get ready to be sucked into this bewitching supernatural and romantic novel. You won’t be able to put it down. Loving your lies is a mesmerizing, compelling story that will captivate you since page one. Piper Shelly made us love her writing even more with Loving your Lies. After reading Play with Me and Ryan Hunter, we didn’t know it was possible. The characters were enthralling and well built and the plot was magnificent. 

We loved Jona snarky attitude *you rock girl*. We did not pity her; we admired her because she is a strong girl (with a little stealing problem). When you think that she will fall apart, she surprises you and proves you wrong! She also thinks that the only good in her is her name. Well… let me tell you one thing, girl, you are so wrong! She has many good things about her, but it is up to you to find out. 

About Jona’s mother, at first we were siding with Jona because how can a mother left her child? We just don’t get it! But damn Julian and his calm-sweet-deep voice, he made us forget everything, as he did with Jona! …. Yeah, see? Forget! Now, where were we? Right, Jona’s mother, when we find out the truth, we felt sad. We did understand why she left Jona, though it did not justify leaving her. 

Now, ready for some fun? Let’s talk about Julian. He is an angel, a super HOT, breathtaking angel! *fangirling* what else do you need to love him? Besides being the reason why Jona didn’t leave? We felt the sparkles between him and Jona.
They were really cute together (He would be better with me though *wink*). The connection they shared was intense. So intense that you could felt it while reading the book!

What I have to highlight is the end, you know what? This end is by far my favorite ending! It was fantastic, I loved every single word! I knew what it was going to happen, but at the same time I wanted to know how Piper was going to make that happen! I have to confess that I did not see that twist coming! Just one word SPEECHLESS! 

I would like to ask you, Books Addicts, to give Piper Shelly a round of applause for making this masterpiece and to remind us why we love reading! As for you guys, what are you waiting? Why are you still reading this if you could be buying/reading Loving Your Lies? Go ahead, it won’t be a waste of your money/time, and we are a hundred per cent sure that you are going to LOVE it as much as we did!


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