About the FFBC Tours

The Fantastic Flying Book Club (FFBC) is organized by Patricia at The Unofficial Addiction book Fan Club and Anasheh at A Reading Nurse
Each month we host at least one blog tour to celebrate the release of the book and to spread the word about it. Our passion is books and we only help authors behind those amazing stories by promoting the book. That's when our FFBC event started and we wish we could keep hosting it with the help of our FFBC Members.
We offer this opportunity in exchange of reading the book. Our tours are free of charge and we do it , as we have said, because we love books! 

Everyone that have a blog or a website is welcome to be part of our FFBC. Make sure that before singing up for any tour you read our Tour Guidelines. Once you have entered in our FFBC Team,  it will mean that you accept those conditions. So please read them first.

How it works?

We open the sign-ups in a post in The Unofficial Addiction Book Fan Club. If you have signed up to be part of the FFBC, you'll receive an email informing you about the upcoming tour. We will also promote it in our Facebook and Twitter site's, both Anasheh's and Patricia's. Once we closed the sign-ups, we'll send an email with the tour schedule.  

A few days before the tour starts, we'll send all the tour materials and promotional items and we ask that if you requested an interview or a guest post sent the questions or topics to us and the author with enough time for the author to answer them. This is also in the Tour Guidelines.

We usually host a giveaway during our tours in which every participant blog/site has two entries in the rafflecopter. So you need to include either the rafflecopter code in your post or the link that will lead readers to the giveaway.

What happens if I don't publish my post in my assigned date?

Sometimes, due to personal reasons, people can forget about their posts or are unable to post their assigned posts in the date they were assigned. If this happens, don't worry. We won't ban you from the FFBC Team. We just ask that if it's something that you know it'll happen, to let us know with time so we can arrange something. If this is something unexpected, you can always send us an email afterwards.

However, if this happens often and for no reason at all or we don't get any email from you, this might cause that we would consider your inscription in future tours. And as always, this won't be forever. Just a couple of tours.

We don't want to offend anyone, but authors work really hard and they offer us their books trusting that we can provide at least what we were assigned for in the tours. And if there are interviews and guest posts involved, this is making the author lose his or her time.

Is this forever?

We wish to have you in our FFBC Team forever. However, if for some reason you decide that this no longer interests you and you don't want to receive any more information about our tours, there's an option in every single email that says "unsubscribe me". Then you'll no longer receive our emails and you'll no longer be a member of the FFBC Team.

Want to see all our past and upcoming tours?

If you want to see all the books we have welcomed to our club in the past and the one's that are about to be in our FFBC, click here.

If you want to be a FFBC host, click on the banner above or here.

If you have problems with the sign-up form, send us an email to thefantasticflyingbookclub@hotmail.com.

If you're an author/publisher and you're interested in planning a Fantastic Flying Book Club send us an email to thefantasticflyingbookclub@hotmail.com. We do all the tours free of charge. We help promote an upcoming book and we do our best work with the help of our FFBC Team.

What genres do we work with? All genres are welcome to our FFBC. We have only worked with Young Adult books so far, but we also enjoy New Adult and Adult stories. So if you think your book might interest us, just send us an email.

You can find all the FFBC tours we have hosted and that we are going to host here: FFBC Tours.

Authors we have worked with:

And more are coming!

Grab the FFBC Button!

Follow all our websites and don't miss anything!

We live and breathe words


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