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Die For Me (Revenants # 1) by Amy Plum

Die For Me (Revenants # 1)
Amy Plum
341 pages
Publisher: Harper Teen
Release Date: May 10th 2011
Rating: Loved it

Maybe you’re thinking that a book with such a fabulous cover should be as stunning in the inside as it is on the outside, if that’s the case then you’re right. Die for Me is the kind of book you can simply not stop reading and fall in love with every character, especially Jules and Vincent (Ok, maybe that’s because we are girls!).
Die for Me tells us the story about Kate, a girl who has recently lost her parents, and has to move to France with her grandparents. Having lost your parents is sad and tragic, but she’ll find a way to leave all that darkness behind and open up to love.
Kate met Vincent, a lovely young man--maybe not so young, but he sure is lovely--, and started to fall in love with him. But love is not always simple. When Kate sees Jules, the most charming character of all, (And the one we are deeply in love with) die but then sees him again at a museum, alive and kicking, she finds out what his lovely young lover is. Vincent and his friends, Jules included, are not common teenage boys. They are Revenants, a kind of walking dead, that had once died saving someone's life and are eternally forced to relived death again and again.

We really loved this book; we were so into the Kate-Vincent love story that at some point we believed we were actually dating Vincent, though we’d prefer to date Joules (put a nasty face here) over Vincent. But don’t get us wrong, this wasn’t the only reason that makes Die for Me a breathtaking, astonishing and pleasant book, and, therefore, the reason why we loved it. We enjoyed everything; the main characters, the introduction of the Revenants concept, the way Amy plum described every place making you feel like if you were there. We have to point out the fact that everything is set in Paris, France. And some much other stuff that we cannot reveal to not spoiler you, book addicts! Sorry.
Though we would have liked a little more of the charming personality of Jules, we think that Die for Me is an impressive book and spellbinding from the beginning to the end.
So if you like romance, fiction, maybe zombies--aka Revenants--, and you haven’t read this book yet, then this is a must-read book for you.

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