Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Sant Jordi's Book List

Good evening book addicts! 
We have not have the pleasure to go through the crowd of Barcelona to see the Sant Jordi Book spectacle, but we are going to go in a few hours!!! 
Did anyone of you get a rose or a book yet? We hope your lovers treat you well, if not just tell us. We will deal with them.

Just kidding. Hope you are enjoying this lovable day even if you are not in Catalonia celebrating Sant Jordi. If that is the case, just tell your boyfriend, girlfriend, parent, etc. that is Sant Jordi's Day and that they have to buy you either a book or a red rose (we would remark the word book)

And because of that we have made a list to help you decide if you haven not read this books yet. They are romantic young Adult (YA) stories that we love and thought about for a day like this.

For the ones who doesn't know what Sant Jordi's Day we are gonna explain in it to you. Sant Jordi's Day is kind of a Saint Valentine's Day. It is about the story of a ravenous village cursed with a beast who eats everything the village possess. At one point, the king faces the terrible situation of not having anything to give to the dragon to eat. So they do a minnie maine moo and the princess of the village is the next dragon's victim. But hey! Does this story not have a hero? Of Course. There you have Sant Jordi that happened to be around waiting for something like this. No, just kidding. Sant Jordi pursues the dragon and kills it in a field full of white roses. The roses get stained with the blood of the dragon and Sant Jordi gives a beautiful rose to the precious princess who fall for him instantly.
Brutal. We know. Poor dragon. But there you know why the rose to the girl. About the book... well, we love to buy books. Do we have any other reason??

Hope you all enjoy the books of our list that will be reviewed here really soon!

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