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The Unofficial Zack Warren Fan Club by J. C. Isabella

The Unofficial Zack Warren Fan Club
J. C. Isabella
204 pages
Publisher: Self-Published
Release Date: 2012
Rating: Enjoyed it

We think that we are officially members of the Unofficial Zack Warren Fan Club. Or at least, we would want to. We were eager to arrive at the last page and then we regret it when it was over.
J. C. Isabella presents us Chloe and Zack who are studying at the same university. Of course, for us girls, the boy is cute and hot! They dislike each other since grade school or at least that’s what we all believed since the first page.

As it turns out they start living together! But not like you think, lovesick readers. Their parents randomly meet in a grocery story and fall in love. So cute... (we love these two characters). Did you all arrive at the part of… awkward much? Wait for it. Because the share a house together, sleep really close (in different rooms!) and share a bathroom. Whaaaat?! Yes, a bathroom, ladies. We will know about Zack hotness in detail.

You think that is the only problem for our main character? Chloe is sick worried that Zack finds out about the Unofficial Fan Club now that they live together could ruin everything and her best friend… ugh. We started to hate her.

We were happy watching the two of them dealing with their problems with each other. They were getting along while living together and with their parents, in their college breaks. They even become friends, that in our opinion is a fantastic thing to experience with them. But things get complicated.

In the end, they reveal their true feelings for one another in a very mature way. We were delighted and breathing again. They are perfect together and they compliment each other. They show us that growing up does not mean to leave all the fun behind and that at some point we need to be mature and express how we feel even if it is scary.

It is interesting to read this book because we leave behind the far fetched sterotypes that we are used to and (why deny it?) love. The plot was great and the fact that we didn’t expect most of the things made the book even more captivating.

We really enjoyed this story from the first page to the end. We never expected some turns in the story like when everything becomes a mess and we started to cry. Yes, actually crying. We love Chloe and Zack love-hate relationship, but we were expecting more forbidden and I-think-I-hate-you love!
J. C. Isabella we want you to know that you did a fantastic work with this book and we are still waiting for another story of Chloe and Zack or, if it is not possible, a different story like theirs.
We have to confess that since The Unofficial Zack Warren Fan Club we keep an eye on J. C. Isabella work. We enjoyed being Zack as well as Chloe and it is not so unraveling to find out that boys have feelings! We have been amazed with that part. We want some boyish point of view in our beloved stories.
For all that, we finish saying: Thank you J. C. Isabella for this sizzling and heartbreaking job! We are expecting more of that!

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