Thursday, April 25, 2013

The Mortal Instruments

Book Addicts, are you excited about this? The Mortal Instruments, City of Bones will be in theaters August 23, 2013!

Yes, we cannot wait either. Because of this we have not done yet a Mortal Instruments review yet. We do not want to spoil you, guys. Although we love to do spoilers.

For those who do not know what the big fuss is all about, we are gonna tell you what you need to know.

Meet Clary Fray, a normal teenage girl who one night goes to a night club, Pandemonium Club, with her best friend, Simon. Placed all in the city where dreams come true, New York, she witness a handsome guy being killed by a even hotter guy. She freaks out, not just because of what she sees but because Simon is unable to see the three teenagers with big and bizarre weapons and even weirder tattoos. Believe it or not, for more to add to this insane scene for Clary, she sees the almost dead guy vanish into thin air.
Interested, uh? We know what the questions might be right know. What are the three teens, what is the guy who banished and why Clary can see them above anyone else?
Now meet another world. The world of Shadowhunters, warriors dedicated to ridding the earth of demons. That's what the three teenagers are. About the other guy? Yep, a demon.
Jace Wayland is a hot, hot, hot Shadowhunter who looks like an angel and acts like a total douchebag. Alec Lightwood, best friend of Jace and is also another Shadowhunter. Finally, we have Isabella Lightwood, sister of Alec, the third Shadowhunter at the disco and as hot as a goddess.
Clary and Jace's world collide that night at Pandemonium Club. Within twenty four hours, Clary is forced to the Shadowhunter's world when her mother goes missing and she's attacked by some dangerous, disgusting and creepy demon. There Clary faces some truths that she might not have ever been prepared for. Where is her mother? Why is she suddenly being able to use the Sight to see the other world?

If you want to see this terrific story on the big screen you just need to wait until August, 23 and answer all these questions! Or you can read Cassandra Clare's exhilarating book before the movie is out! It has a Five gorjuss dolls for sure!

And of course we have to remark the fact that in August, 23 you are gonna be able to see Jace Wayland repeat over and over the word mundane and have a little faith with sexy accent! And watch our guys kick some demon-asses!

But if you can not wait until then, we always think about you guys and we are gonna put the trailer of the movie here:

City of Bones: Trailer #2

City Of Bones: Trailer #1

City Of Bones: Spanish Trailer

Men, now we want to see the film... NOW! Welcome to the City Of Bones, Book Addicts!

Visit Cassadra Clare's official website here

Visit City Of Bones Movie website here

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