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13 to Life by Shannon Delany

13 to Life (13 to Life # 1)
Shannon Delany
320 Pages
Published by St. Martin's Griffin
Rate: Enjoyed it +

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13 to Life is a YA paranormal romance novel that will keep you on the edge of your seat. This is the first book of 5 of the 13 to Life series. You know we really like books that involve love triangles…guess what? This book doesn’t have a love triangle, it has a “love square” YEY!! (We are gonna have so much going on here).

So now, let us introduce you the main characters of this amazing book of Shannon Delany.

Jessica is the female main character in this story; her mother has recently died in an awful car accident, caused by someone close to her. She has a crush for Derek, who is the popular guy and the running back for the football team of Junction High, Ohh!! and is dating (tan tan tan tan! *drum roll*) a cheerleader called Jenny (surprised? Not so much).

Pietr Rusakova is new in town; he is part Russian part American, very good looking and the new interest of all the girls in Junction high. Pietr has a secret, a big one, something's going on in his family, but he’s not willing to tell anyone.

At first, Jessica didn’t like Pietr, because of Derek, of course. Bzut then… something unexpected happens and she starts to have strong feeling for Pietr. Suddenly in a turn of events, she starts to date him in secret, because he is officially dating Sarah--Jessica’s friend who has recently recovered from an accident--. Don’t call her anything yet, Jessica forced Pietr to date Sarah because her almost best friend is in love with him and Jessica doesn’t want her to get hurt.

Every time Jessica is with Pietr--the hottie Russian guy--some strange things happen. And when she hears a Skype call she’s not suppose to (busybody alert!), she now can tell something in Pietr’s life is wrong and she’s determined to find out.

We liked reading 13 to Life part because it involved love-problem situations and part because we were anxious to know what is Pietr and what’s wrong with him (we didn’t notice anything wrong!), we had to read almost until the end to know for sure.

So, book addicts we encourage you to read one of the incredible novels of Shannon Delany. We assure you book addicts that you won’t regret it! And that's why we are going to give this book 4 gorjuss doll and a half! 

And because we know some of you love the trailer of books, here you have the trailer of 13 to life:

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