Saturday, April 27, 2013

The Unofficial Addiction Book Fan Club Bloglovin'

Book Addicts!

We have opened a new account. This time in Bloglovin'. We keep trying to spread our addiction everywhere!!

We are following the blogs that are on the BLOGS section in our main menu if you want to check them out.

We algo wanted to share with you, Book Addicts, a wonderful video winner of the best short film of the 2012 Oscars. We think that it represents the philosophy of every book addict and avid reader in the whole world. Even authors. Because we can keep living with a book in our hands. It will comfort us, it will never leave our side and it is going to be the best friend we desire.
One book brings its own magic to our little world. And the short film "Los Fantásticos Libros Voladores (The Fantastic Flying Books)" is the representation in movement of all that magic.

Tell us what you think of it!

So Book Addicts, we hope you liked the short film. Spread our news and keep the addiction going!

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