Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Movie Trailers

Oh. My. God, Book Addicts! We feel the need to weep!!
When we saw the trailer of Catching Fire we were cheering, jumping and screaming.

But then we remembered the date and the cheering and the jump stopped and it was all about screaming. Then we cried and then we entered in a depression mode.

But when we were ourselves again (not entirely) we thought about the things that are gonna make this film awesome.

We appreciate the directors idea to preserve the essence of the book (insert big reverence here) and we are dying to see our beloved Jennifer Lawrence become the spirit of the rebellion. We just love this girl. We think is a cute, funny, approachable and normal. We think of actresses and we imagine someone that, if you have not seen before, you may as well think he or she does not exist. But we do not have this impression with our mockinjay. It is a girl you could be friends with or happen to study with. So for not being so actress-extraterrestrial you have our five gorjuss dolls, Jennifer! Thank you!

Leaving that issue that was burning in our chest for a long time now, we will se our little Prim becoming a woman. She becomes more adult and stops crying to become more wiser and a person you would, for sure, ask for advice. We are thrilled with her.

We were not wanting to see this scene, because we are team Peaniss for ever (Peeta + Katniss) but we have to talk about it. Our not so beloved Gale Hawthorne incarnated by our spunky Liam Hemsworth.

Although we do not like that Katniss flirts (a lot!) with this guy, it is also true that the scene where Gale is punish was heartbreaking. We were relieved to see Katniss standing up for him (phew!). As long as we do not see Liam Hemsworth cry, Katniss can do whatever she wants! Except kiss and do dirty things with him, of course.

However... Where the ****** were The 75th Hunger Games? we were expecting more action from that! This has only one word: Torture. But we are not going to scream more because we trust the director and know that he's gonna nail it.

Because we know you are dying to see the trailer or re watch it if you have already had the pleasure to take a look, we leave you here the trailer in english (first video) and in spanish (second video). Enjoy Book Addicts!


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