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Blog Tour: Ember (Eagle Elite #5) by Rachel Van Dyken

Release Date: February 19th, 2015
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I am a Killer. A Rapist. A Monster.

I know only pain and survival. 

That is until the Cappo's sister walked into my life. 

And changed everything.

She's a light who makes my darkness darker, her smile makes my heart turn to ice, and I can't escape the fear her seductive looks instill--knowing it's only a matter of time before I fail--again, and take her for myself.

This is the story of my redemption. 

But it's not pretty...I died, and now I'm alive, but not living, breathing but not surviving. I am Phoenix De Lange, son to a murdered mob boss, estranged brother, horrible friend, monster in the making, newest leader to one of the most powerful families in the Cosa Nostra.

And I will have my vengeance.

Or die trying.

I am Phoenix De Lange. 

Death is all I know. 

Until she offers me a piece of life--I can't resist taking.

I have never been so afraid to read a book in a series I love. I was not a big fan of Phoenix on Elite and his action didn't win me over at all, so I wasn't expecting to be so drawn to the story and amazed by how it would end. I was expecting to end up hating Phoenix, but I somehow ended up loving him as much as the other boys in the Eagle Elite series, because after all this book is all about Redemption.

Phoenix De Lange is seeking redemption. He's one of the bad guys and he does not expect that to change. However, he's now taking care of Tex Campisi's sister, Bianka (Bee) Campisi. It would be easy if he wasn't attracted to her since he does not deserve neither love or happiness after what he did in the past and it would be easier to deal with it if Bee just hated him. But she keeps pushing and pushing for Phoenix to feel something, anything for her. 

I wasn't expecting to love Phoenix as much as I did. He's crushed by the remorse for everything he has done in the past for her father and what he did to Tracey. He believes he does not deserve love or happiness because of what he did. He's one of the bad guys and he has accepted that. That's why he doesn't expect much from life. It was truly heartbreaking to the point of either want to slap him and tell him to cheer up or hug him bear hug style until he would cry or something.

I didn't get at first Bee Campisi. It started as a naive woman, kind of childish. However, as the story progressed I could see a different Bee, the one who was dying to seek some sort of affection from Phoenix, who was in a house with estrangers and never has had friends. Insecure and dying to find some love, that's how the characters was presented to me afterwards and she just needed Phoenix.

The plot was a good one, although I was expecting more shots, more drama and more oh-my-God-what's-happening, because we are talking about Phoenix De Lange, guys, the bad boy in the Eagle Elite! I just was expecting more badass moments that's all. But it was an amazing story. I loved the romance in it how it started all "I don't care about you", evolved to a "I'm-no-good-for-you" and ended up with "I'm going to die, but I'll die as a happy man". And I definitely went all crazy about that ending. Loved it!

I'm really glad to have seen this unknown side of Phoenix and see that he has all the potential to be also a really good book boyfriend that will definitely make you swoon. This book is all about pain, mistakes, guilt, love and family, but most of all, about redemption. Ember is definitely another Eagle Elite favorite and a book that I highly recommend. But if you haven't read the previous books, I definitely will tell you to read the first books first and then meet the new, tormented Phoenix in Ember and you will get and understand his dark side.

Rachel Van Dyken is the New York Times, Wall Street Journal, and USA Today Bestselling author of regency and contemporary romances. When she's not writing you can find her drinking coffee at Starbucks and plotting her next book while watching The Bachelor.

She keeps her home in Idaho with her Husband and their snoring Boxer, Sir Winston Churchill. She loves to hear from readers!

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