Saturday, February 21, 2015

2015 Book Blogger Love-A-Thon

Book Addicts! The 2015 Book Blogger Love-A-Thon starts today and I am super excited because it's the first time I participate. So here are my answers for the event and since this is all about love, remember that my Valentine's Day giveaway is still running until February 28th! Feel the bookish love!

Okay, that's an easy one. My name's Patricia, but you can call me Patri ;)

I'm blogging from Barcelona, Spain. Which is a pretty amazing city unless you are a book blogger and want english books like crazy.

I've always been obsessed with books. So you can get an idea I was the only kid at my school who had forbidden take books into the playground (WHAT?! Who wants to be sociable when you have a book?). So one day I was supposed to be doing some college work with my friend Rosario and saw this cute blog full of books and book hauls. And our faces where like this:

Since we were kind of misunderstood because no one understood our rantings and feelings of depression when a book series ended or our fangirl level for fictional characters, we decided to open a blog just like the "cute one" to do all these things with people who understood us and to have the chance to read even more books than we already read.

It's funny because it all came up after reading one of my favorite YA reads: The Unofficial Zack Warren Fan Club by J.C. Isabella. See the resemblance? All the short names we came up with were already picked up by other bloggers, so we didn't want to repeat name and have readers confuse our blog with another one. So it was kind of original and kind of a tribute to one of our favorite reads at that time.

Also it's funny because I also own the FFBC Tours (The Fantastic Flying Book Club Tours) and that name came up basically the same. We didn't want to repeat other tour services' names and we saw an amazing and touching video called The Fantastic Flying Books of Mr. Morris Lessmore that any book addict and book lover must watch and will definitely love:

So after wanting a book with legs who'll entertain us like the one Mr. Morris has in the video, we decided that it would be a great name for our services since the story was beyond beautiful and represented the life of a book lover like us.

I basically read any Young Adult story and any New Adult romance. However, I started to read some Adult romance from time to time and I'm liking it. Despite this, I will never, ever, ever, ever be able to give up on my Young Adult obsession.

Apart from reviews, I post book blitzes, cover reveals and blog tour stops of any kind. The only requirement I have when I picked those types of posts is that either I've read the book and I liked it/loved it, I think it would be an interesting book and I might have an interest in reading it or that I think my blog readers will be interested in.

However, I have also tried to do a monthly book haul and a Waiting on Wednesday type of posts, but I realized that I'm not very constant with those. And I started an "Express Yourself" post where I sum up my book reviews with gifs, because sometimes is difficult to express all your feelings for a book or the characters and what better resource than trying to express it with gifs? I haven't posted any of this posts in a while, but I will soon enough since I have a lot of fun doing it.

Although I am from Spain, I had the chance to meet lots of authors virtually speaking, and I am proud to say I am friends with them, too, like my British sister Nikki Kelly. The FFBC Tours have helped in this a lot and it's an experience I am not willing to finish soon.

Moreover I have met a lot of amazing bloggers, not only in my FFBC Team that they are simply amazing and work really hard for all their tour stops, but because I have met my US & book sister Anasheh, blogger at A Reading Nurse, that I hope I can meet soon enough when I visit the States!

That we are in the same fangirling level over books. It's easy to go all crazy about books and having the blogger community support you and even join you in that craziness. Plus the conversations about book are the best ones. And because they get jokes like the following ones:

Just 5?! Okay, I'll try to behave. Since one of them was Dead of Winter by Kresley Cole, but I have already read it and review it, I'll take it from the list.

I've recently read Lauren K. McKellar's romantic series: The Problem With Crazy and Eleven Weeks, and I can't express in words how much I loved the stories. Specially the first one. It's an epic read like The Fault In Our Stars, but with even more emotional drama, and I don't know why people haven't read these stories. I can't believe I just found about them!

Also all stories written by Tamsyn Bester. She writes amazing stories and all I want to do when I finish her books it's shouting how good they are. Specially the last one I read: The Line Between, that explores that fine line between love and hate. 

Oh, boy, I think you've opened the Pandora Box of fictional characters. I don't think I could be BFF of any book girl, because I will probably want to steal they book boyfriend.

However, I could definitely be friends with Evie from The Arcana Chronicles. She's badass and she's getting crazier in each passing book, but I would love to be part of her Arcana group of friends and kick some ass with her. Moreover, I could be there to comfort either Death or Jack after she dumps one of them. It's all benefits!

I've also recently finished To All The Boys I've Loved by Jenny Han and I think that Lara Jean and I would understand each other a lot.

And I could also be friends with the Elite boys (Eagle Elite series by Rachel Van Dyken). It would be very awesome to be part of the Family (la famiglia), if you know what I mean, and also kick some ass, too. Man, I swear that those boys know how to be badass, funny and romantic all at the same time.

You mean there's a life apart from reading?! I would say organizing blog tours, listening to music, watching a lot of TV Shows (seriously, a lot) and cooking desserts.

Clothes and complements *insert huge grin here*

Mmmm... Also a difficult want. It would have to be a Taylor Swift song, Radioactive by Imagine Dragons or a rock song (like Eye of The Tiger or We're Not Gonna Take It). But I will definitely go all crazy with this one:

Again, this is so difficult! Okay, I will definitely want to see the Arcana Chronicles, the Lux series, the Sweet Trilogy, the Dark Element series, the Covenant series (sorry but I have a huge obsession with all the books written by Jennifer) and the Wanted series turned into a tv show or movie.

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  1. TAYLOR SWIFT <3 (Huge Swiftie over here, just an FYI!) So great to get a chance to get to know you better! I loved hearing the story behind your blog name, and your book blog tours blog name (that's a lot of the word blog in one sentence). And I totally love and agree with your answer to the best thing about the community!

    Thanks for joining the Love-a-Thon!

    1. Hi Alexa! I'm also a huge swiftie, so... YAY! we have even more things in common! It's the first time I participate in this event, but I'm loving it! I'm trying to catch up with everything and everyone's posts, but there's a ton of bloggers! ;)
      Thanks for stopping by and for reading my questionnaire. I truly appreciate it ;)

  2. I am seriously in LOVE with your font <3 Gosh, so beautiful.

    I watch a lot of tv shows too, I think I would read a lot more if it wasn't for the fact that tv consumes my life sometimes :P

    Radioactive is an AMAZING song, love it!

    1. Hi Lauren! I love the font! It was the first thing I chose when I was setting up the site. I knew that everything else had to match the font hahaha So happy you like it ;)

      And I have the same problem. It's like I'm always struggling between TV Shows and books and end up doing both and not sleeping. That can't be healthy... I need to organize myself better hahaha

      Thanks for stopping by! And yes, radioactive is the song that goes w/ everything (book or tv show fandom!)

  3. Hi Patri! OMG! You're in Spain! Do you ever share posts about Spain, where you live, pictures??

    THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU! For sharing The Fantastic Flying Books! I read the book at Christmas last year while shopping for me niece and nephew and cried in the store. Totally cried watching the short, too!

    I absolutely love the Sweet trilogy, too, and think it would be great as a movie or TV series! Bring Kai to life! :) So glad to find your blog!

    1. Hi!! Yes, I am from Barcelona ^^ I have never thought of doing that but since you mention it, it might be interesting, right?

      You're welcome! I also loved the story and watch the short on repeat from time to time. It's so beautiful... So happy I could find someone who also liked it ^^

      And YES! I need to have a visual Kai! hahaha It would be so awesome... But for me it would be awesome to have ALL the books I read turned into a movie or a TV Series haha.

      Thank you so much for stopping by! ;) <3