Thursday, October 2, 2014

Blog Tour: Unrequited by Emma Grey

Release Date: May 26th 2014
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Seventeen-year-old Kat Hartland loathes Unrequited, the world's biggest boy band. Is she the only girl in Sydney who can't be bothered with perfect-looking Angus Marsden?

Give her 5 Seconds of Summer. Now.

Or maybe the seriously-hot med student who rescued her on a train—and who could be Douglas Booth's twin! Perfect formal partner, much?

But when Kat comes face to face with Angus Marsden himself, things start to get complicated. Very. Throw in a deranged female popstar, final exams, a part in the musical and a mum who just doesn't get it—and where is her best friend?

When did life get so crazy? Kat's just an ordinary schoolgirl.

Isn't she?

by Emma Grey

Kat doesnt like to be rude, but shes not about to stand here and feign adoration for Angus Marsden, even though, up this close, she has to admit hes actually pretty good-looking. Just in that fully commercially-packaged, famous-person, perfect way, of course.
Following the tested formula of all the big bands before them, the band goes into full-blown audience-interaction mode: reading tweets, answering questions, mucking around. The audience laps it up eagerly. Kat cant believe her mum spent so much money on this. She wishes there was an escape route, but there isnt one. 
Its about this time that she notices something horribly disconcerting. She glances up from her iPod, which shes been shuffling through during this whole second-stage waste of time. And … Hmm. If she isnt very much mistaken, Angus Marsden appears to be staring at her. 
When he sees that shes noticed, he smiles. 
Then he winks.
Yes, he really does.
Now, when Angus Marsden smiles and winks at any of the other 19,999 people in the arena, every single one of them—except maybe the burly security guards (but maybe even them) screams, cries, faints, winks back or throws something of theirs at him, as if its a pre-programmed biological impulse.
No such biological impulse has been pre-programmed into Kat. Angus cant work his artificial charms on her. No way. She goes back to shuffling her iPod until Annie starts pulling at her arm and pointing at the stage and saying ‘Hes looking at us!
Kat tells Annie that he looks at everyone. Its what he does! Its all part of the act! 
Annie insists that he KEEPS looking over at them.
‘Hey Angus! Angus! Where are you, man?’ Zach says loudly into the microphone and Kat looks up in time to see that ‘where he is’ is exactly where Annie said he was. Hes looking at Kat. AGAIN. She laughs nervously, and finds herself mouthing ‘What? At ANGUS MARSDEN! Who smiles at her again, then re-focuses and says, ‘We love you, Sydney!’ And the crowd erupts.
For a nano-second, Kats swept up in it, then she remembers where she is. And who she is. And who HE is! Its all so contrived. She rolls her eyes and checks Instagram.
The boys get back on the floating platform and return to the main stage. Its kind of a relief for Kat because that was a weirdly close call. Even weirder timing, given McDreamy the Train Knight couldnt be more uninterested in giving out his number. And then Angus—the very last guy on the planet that she would ever even contemplate getting to know (even if it was remotely possible) seems to have actually noticed her. Who would even believe it? 
‘He saw you!!!’ Jess screeches.
‘Hes in love with you, Kat!’ Annie yells.
‘Youre both CRAZY!’ Kat screams, although try as she might to avoid it, she cant resist a quick glance at the stage. She has to admit, even though it makes zero sense, that she feels the tiniest brush of disappointment that Angus is back in his game. Thoroughly professional. Working the audience like a puppeteer controlling the strings.
Of course he hasnt noticed her! Gosh, tickets on herself much? She must be losing it!
Read the first three chapters of Unrequited here.

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Emma Grey has two teenage girls, a three-year-old boy, a couple of businesses and another teen novel in the pipeline. Her first book, 'Wits' End Before Breakfast! Confessions of a Working Mum' was published in 2005.


  1. I'm very excited to see this book on tour! I missed it when it first came out!

  2. Looking forward to reading this book!