Monday, February 17, 2014

Stacking the shelves (3)

Timestorm (Tempest, #3) by Julie Cross

Falls the Shadow by Stefanie Gaither
Sublime by Christina Lauren
Dissonance (Dissonance #1) by Erica O'Rourke
Unravel (Linked #2) by Imogen Howson

Between Us (Sex on the Beach) by Jen McLaughlin
Before You  by Jenna Bennett
Control You by Jennifer Snyder

Shifting Fate (Descendants #2) by Melissa Wright

Man of My Dreams (Dreams #1) by Faith Andrews
Keep Me by Faith Andrews

Alienated (Alienated #1) by Melissa Landers

Carnelian (Chalcedony Chronicles #1) by B. Kristin McMichael

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