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Blog Tour: Unite (Project Integrate #1) by Jamie Campbell

Unite (Project Integrate #1)
by Jamie Campbell
288 pages
Release Date: December 3rd 2013
Rate: Average (3 gorjuss dolls)


United They Stand.

Seventeen years ago an entire generation of aliens were sent to Earth in order to save their home planet and integrate into the human population. Now, those aliens are being hunted.

Amery Jones is your typical teenager, except for the fact she is an alien and a member of the government’s secret Project Integrate.

When Amery’s best friend Lola is kidnapped in order to get to her, there is only one person that can help – the exceedingly annoying and charming Lochie Mercury.

Together, Amery and Lochie must put aside their differences and attraction in order to rescue Lola before it’s too late.

Unite is a very enjoyable young adult science fiction novel filled with aliens, action, great characters and unexpected turns.

Unite starts with the idea of another planet being destroyed and needing help. So, aliens arrive to an agreement with the leaders of our planet to live on Earth in exchange of some cool technology (same as always). But they know that saying the world: "hey, guys, out there there're a bunch of aliens who need help, so now they are gonna live here. Say hi!" could lead to people freaking out about it and doing crazy things, so they come with the idea of placing a bunch of baby aliens into the foster system. This way, humans would have to live next to them and interact with them, become friends, so when they know that the boy or girl next door is an alien it would be a smoother situation if they really know the alien/person. That's how Project Integrate's born.

So the idea of this book was a great one. It had aliens, the Earth and the whole survival idea. But it didn't get the five gorjuss dolls 'cause they were some things that couldn't be credible, in a science fiction novel terms. 
Maybe this is due to the fact that I'm a science fiction obsess reader or that I watch too many TV shows, but before starting the book I read a few reviews (like I always do, If there's the possibility to read a book) and they have interesting things to say. 
One of the main reasons to talk about "credible facts inside the story" would be that the FBI is the one in charge of the alien kids in Project Integrate, but it shouldn't be Homeland security? With all the integration plan and the thing of being from outer space, would make much more sense. Or the fact that they drop Project Integrate? When have you read a story/watch a TV show in which the government was not interested in alien's cool and "oh-so-powerful" technology?
These tiny little things piled up in my mind and made me think that it wouldn't be credible in a story like this. 

The characters were well-built and their relationships change and grow throughout the story. The plot, although some aspects are barely credible if the situation was about to happen, was interesting. It kept the whole mystery and action going to the very end of the book. 

In my opinion this book is one of those stories you need to try and read it. You might enjoy it or you won't truly believe the story. Probably you would really like it 'cause the whole alien theme and the action and shocking turns, keeps you reading until the end. So, I'd tell you to give Unite a shot. It might surprise you. As for me, I'd try the next books in the series, see how this Project Integrate develops. And despite me being so picky about the science fiction details, I liked this story, more important, the idea of this story.

1. They come from outer space. Besides the occasional meteor or space junk, what else can claim to have non-Earthly origins? When they say 'I'm not from around here', you know they're seriously downplaying it.

2. People think they have all kinds of super powers. They may or may not, but who cares? Most people think they can do all kinds of crazy things like read minds, levitate stuff, and fly. I hope they zip their lips and let us believe all sorts of crazy things.

3. Our Earth rules don't apply to them. Social etiquette? Huh? Aliens can do whatever they want and claim to not know about Earthly rules. They could get away with anything and we'd be like 'cool, don't hurt us with your mind voodoo'.

"How did you get the chip out?"

"Fishing knife."

He made a face that was half-disgust, half-impressed. "Must have hurt like hell."

"It did," I readily agreed.

"Mildly impressive."

"Only mildly?" I teased, thinking I would like to see him get his shoulder drilled with a fishing knife and see how he likes it.

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Amazon #1 Bestselling Author Jamie Campbell was born into a big, crazy family of 6 children. Being the youngest, she always got away with anything and would never shut up. Constantly letting her imagination run wild, her teachers were often frustrated when her 'What I did on the weekend' stories contained bunyips and princesses.

Spending quality time with her laptop named Lily, Jamie has written several novels and screenplays. Spanning a number of genres and mediums, Jamie writes whatever inspires her from ghost stories to
teenage love stories to tantalizing murder mysteries. Nothing is off limits.

A self-confessed television addict, dog lover, Taylor Swift fan, and ghost hunter, Jamie loves nothing more than the thrill of sharing her stories.

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