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Blog Tour: In the Lyrics by Nacole Stayton

In the Lyrics
by Nacole Stayton
Release Date: February 7th 2014
Rate: Enjoyed it (4 gorjuss dolls)

Hensley Bradley is the definition of the girl-next-door. She’s kindhearted, beautiful, and talented. Bored with her mundane life, thoughts of fleeing her small town begin to consume her. With aspiring dreams to use her voice as a one-way ticket, she suddenly discovers that music might not be her only passion.
After a fallout back home, Colby Grant decides to leave his family’s farm, determined to show his father he’s more than just a wanna-be country singer. With his All-American good looks, it doesn’t take long for girls in his new town to focus their eyes on him. But things aren’t what they appear from the outside, and it isn’t long until Colby feels he doesn't fit into the perfect world that so quickly embraced him. 
A chance encounter places Hensley in Colby’s path, but it isn’t her natural beauty that first captures his attention – it’s her voice. 
When love and music mix, will the combination blossom into a beautiful melody or wither into a heart-wrenching tune?
Warning: This book is intended for readers 18+ due to explicit language and sexual encounters.

I have to confess that In the Lyrics was one of my most expected books of this year, and couldn't be more happy to have received this ARC.
In the Lyrics is a sweet romance story of finding yourself and also the chance of following your dreams. All mixed with music. The detail about doing it pursuing a career in music and showing the true nature of it? I simply love it and that's one of the main reasons I liked this book so much.

The story starts with Colby. He escapes his home town leaving behind a good mother, a now drunk-angry father, lots of memories and one, big and painful tragedy. He's sick of his father's behavior and has decided that it's time to change of school: try a new city, one with the chances of providing what he was worth it playing. However, all his plans turn upside down when he sees for the first time the most beautiful girl playing a song, truly living it, like he would do. And when that girl turns out to be his roommate best friend and that she'd be living with them? Well... let's just say that his plans weren't what he has now planned.

Hensley's dream is to play music, be discovered and leave her small town once and for all. And she has one big rule: never repeat her mother's mistake. Then, one night, she meets Colby. She doesn't want to feel what she feels for this guy that she barely knows, but she can't help it. She won't throw her career away just to be with Colby, and that's how it all starts.

The two main characters, Hensley and Colby are simply memorable. You read from both their point of views and you get exactly to meet each one of them. After all they're in college, trying make a career out of music while they study and work. The whole story was pretty credible and I felt completely identified with the characters, loving each single scene. 
You can perfectly see the human factor of each characters. You know that they are bound to make decisions, sometimes good ones and sometimes bad ones, and both characters make both. You can see throughout the story how this affects their lives and also their relationship. 

With an incredible romance in a though world like the music industry, Nacole Stayton did an amazing job, bringing us the best of music, love and the chance to dream big. I can't help but think about this story as a sweet one and, without a doubt, a story full of emotion, with heart-breaking decisions and unexpected turns in life. And of course I highly recommend this book to everyone who wants to read a good romance story with a Nashville touch in it. I completely enjoyed it and I'm sure you'd too!

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Christian “Nacole” Stayton is twenty-something years young and currently resides in the Bluegrass state. She spends her days working at a local hospital in the billing department and nights working vigorously on her current novel. She has a passion for helping others and wears her University of Kentucky gear proudly. While her husband loves all things outdoors, Nacole enjoys the finer things in life, like getting pedicures while reading on her Kindle Fire. She is passionate about her faith, family, and The Bachelor. Her hair color changes with the seasons and she has a weakness for tattoos, iced coffee, and happy endings.

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