Thursday, May 2, 2013

The Mortal Instruments: New Trailer

Book addicts! We have something new to show you!
Yesterday was the release of the third trailer of The Mortal Instruments Movie and although it was in our website, in the Videos section, we think that this deserve a post.

Don't know what all of this is about? Check out here our old post about The Mortal Instruments.

Are you excited about this film? We cannot wait until August. Is killing us, but we will survive with Cassandra's Clare literature. It is the only thing left before loosing our minds!

Because Cassanda Clare, author of The Mortal Instruments, has also another series of books called The Infernal Devices. We have not had the privilege to have some free time to get our hands in that book, but is in our to read shelf and you, book addicts, are going to be the first to know our opinion.

We also still firmly believe in the need of not doing a review of The Mortal Instruments to prevent possible spoilers. We are having serious troubles not doing it, because he have so much to say about it...!! But we promise to be patients for you, book addicts.

Hope you have enjoyed the new trailer of the Mortal Instruments and appreciated your opinions about this new trailer. Are you as excited as us to see this movie?

If you cannot wait for the movie and didn't read the books yet, buy them here:


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