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Demonic Dora by Claire Chilton

Demonic Dora, The Demon Diaries
Claire Chilton
260 pages
Publisher: Ragz Books
Release Date: June 30th, 2013
Genre: Paranormal Fiction, Humor, Teen
Rate: Enjoyed it -

About the book:

Dora Carridine is the daughter of a Reverend, and not one who only prays and gives sermons… Her father has a television show, and what really upsets her is not just the fact that his father has this annoying religious show (ok that too) but that she’s not able to watch any other channel but his father’s TV program. 

Dora has been trying to summon a demon for a thousand times now and has not succeeded, yet. But she has not given up. When she finally succeeds in her purpose, she thought that “her” demon would have been a High-Level-evil-powerful demon, but things are not always what we want… The demon she has summoned is a typical hot-blond-horny teenager. 

Kieron is a high-level demon, but he is not always good at being evil. Every time Kieron tries to make something bad, it turns out being good. When Kieron is summoned by Dora the witch, he appears in her closet and witness an act of cruelty from Dora’s father. 

When people found out that Dora was a witch, they decided to burn her, but not only the people in her home town, but his father too. However, Dora asks Kieron to take her with him to hell. 

But hell is not the safe place she thought it was, far from that. Dora is in danger, even more than when she was in earth. Now she has to fight to keep, not only her, but Kieron and her puppy safe, whose name is Pooey and it's a demon too.


We have heard a lot of bad comments about this book, and a few good things, so at first we were doubtful about reading Demonic Dora. But we have to say that we liked this book. We enjoyed reading it.
Ohh, just to make it clear, we are saying this, not because bloggers that make bad reviews go straight to hell, as the book says, but because this book was really funny. Talking about going to hell, we thought it was hilarious that the author has included the reviewers. Ok, it may not be as people would like, but we think that it was not intended to offend us, au contraire, it was to make us laugh, kind of twisted, but really it was awesome! 

As for the characters, we do not really fell in love with the main character Dora, it was kind of repellent. The way she acted was not the way a teenagers do, but she has her moments, like when she felt pity of a little depressed demon. It is not that we hate her, but her behavior is not rational! What would you do if a crowd wants to burn you alive? YES of course, wait for them to come to you! OH, COME ON!

Another thing that did not fit at all, was the fact that her father was not concerned about people in town wanting to burn her daughter alive, because she is a witch or so is told, but he was in favor. Ok, we know that really bad things are happening now, but we are not in the inquisition time, this is the XXI century, we do not burn people just because they are “witches”.
Now you should be asking why we liked the book, it was because of Kieron and Pooey, every time Kieron said or did something, it was just amusing. He is the typical teenager, horny, and that only wants to get into Dora’s pants. Moreover, that was what makes the book enjoyable, because we are a little bit sick of perfect boys who just want to wait until marriage and that everything is rainbows and butterflies. 
And don’t make us talk about that little-impertinent-lovely demon Pooey. He was just awesome. How he complains about almost everything, how he is afraid to be eaten by Kieron’s mother and that he turns out to be not a helpless demon. 

We won’t get much more into this book than we have already done, because we may not be able to stop writing, and then we would make you a really big spoiler. So if you have read bad comments about Demonic Dora as we did, give it a chance, we are so sure that it will be a really fun and entertaining reading. Saying this, we look forward to a second book!

That is why we are giving this book four dolls, it is and "Enjoyed it low", it could have been more, but there were some things that did not fit at all.




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