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Rock And A Hard Place by Angie Stanton

Rock And A Hard Place (The Jamieson Collection #1)
Angie Stanton
224 pages
Publisher: Harper Teen
Release Date: September 23th, 2013
Rate: Loved It

"Listen,” he said gently and stepped closer. “No one can predict the future, but right now you’re the most important thing to me. I would regret it for the rest of my life if we didn’t give this a chance."

Libby's leaving a nightmare. She had a perfect life, a perfect family and the perfect relationships with friends, until a tragic accident left her with no family, no friends and absolutely no perfect life. Just a whack job aunt whose only ambition in life is drinking in front of a TV, smoke pot and treat Libby like Cinderella. 
Unless she is planning on driving herself mad, she tries to spend the most of the time away from this new and horrible life, alone, in the woods, watching the Interstate exit with the hope of seeing her father come to her rescue. 
One day, Peter enters Libby's hidden spot while she's painting. He's a young rock star along with his two other brothers, Adam and Graham, and he's part of the now popular band The Jamiesons. The best part of their relationship is that Libby has never heard the name of Peter Jamieson or The Jamiesons band and they can be themselves for the first time. 
Only one day and they both feel the need to see each other again. It is really strange how comfortable they feel around each other and how they cannot seem to stop thinking in the other one when they are apart. 
Whilst their relationship grows stronger, it also does the interference from Peter's family and the awkward, crazy and bizarre behavior of Libby's aunt. However the intrusion is not big enough, until some events happen at the same time leaving Libby in hands of the system and with a broken heart.
Through an incessant desperation, Peter tries to fix what their family had done, but there is no way back. Libby's disappeared and Peter is starting to loose his mind. How much they need to struggle alone until they find one another again?

"When I met you, you were the bright light that saved me from the darkest depths."

We have had this book for a long time now. We have recently received the ARC of this book and we remembered of it and give the shot that before we did not give.
We have to confess that we love all books of this genre or with quite a lot of similarities in the premise of this book, but when we started reading this book, we could not stop! We were not expecting this. At all.
Firstly, we have to make a second confession that is that while we were reading the book we could not stop crying. We could not believe nor deal with Libby's life situation. It was everything so unfair that we could not stop crying.
From the start, we meet Libby's sad story and deplorable background and all you want to do is protect that little and miserable girl. She's so alone and her aunt is such a jealous dirty witch (to not say a swearword), that makes us wonder how Libby could end up this way. So we have to say that we hate this woman, too much to be healthy. This character was so cruel, so evil that we could not even understand how she would not feel sorry for her own nephew or even her sister! Jealousy is not an excuse to treat people the way this woman did. She hated her sister because her parents made it easier for her, all the things: college, material things she wanted, etc. Maybe their parents knew she could work hard to get all the things her sister had easily. We are not saying that is fair, but she should not hate her sister for that nor the lonely and motherless child of her sister.
With this background we kind of understand why Peter becomes a drug for Libby and why she's so anxious to know more about him that she gets to the point of stealing money from school to buy a Jamieson's CD. 
At this point we were happy to see Libby trying to pick up all the broken pieces of her life with Peter's help, and then is when the crying part starts. She had a miserable situation and everything gets more messed up for Libby. For some reason, (we are not doing spoiler here) she ends up trying to survive on her own, just when Peter knows what her hateful brother did to his relationship with her. 
Not only she's heartbroken, he even thanks Peter for bring her from the darkest depths her life has become this past year! Oh my God, such a sweet girl and she's devastated because of the idiotic of Garrett. We really hate him, but we would give you our piss of mind about this particular guy lately. 
To make this situation even worse, Peter cannot find Libby. She's a minor and no one can say to Peter where she is now. Even to complicate things more, she's on the run of the system and she is living in another town with a different name, with a kind woman that has a bunch of kids and that runs the motel where Libby's living now.
With this panorama, Book Addicts, you could understand we would refuse to go to bed before finishing this book, right? We got hook with Libby's story and if Peter would ever find her. Although we were hoping that in his desperation, he would do something more like storming of a concert or something like that or making Garret pay for what he did. However, Peter is a total gentleman, so we understand his reaction.
About Garret, we cannot understand how the three brothers could be so different. This one in particular is really possessive about his business with the band and is willing to do whatever it takes to keep her interest moving the way he wants. Their father and this brother, makes us want to hit them on the head, hard. Peter is the opposite of this two, we suppose he is like her mother, and Adam, the little brother of the Jamieson's family, is like every little brother should be: a busybody and a babbler. We really like what he does for Peter at the nearly end of the book. 
The end of the book was everything we were hoping for and make our hearts keep beating, because, for a moment, we thought we would never get the ending we were all wishing. 
So, all those Book Addicts that love romantic books there won't be disappointed with this one. Is a quick sweet read, because you get hook with Libby's story and you cannot seem to leave the book anywhere else than in your hands until you have finished reading it. We think Angie Stanton put all her heart on this reading, because we not only felt what Libby felt or worried when something awful was happening, but it makes us cry. A lot. We think if a book can make you feel something so strong like that is because is a magnificent book and because it felt so real to us that we felt the need to express our feelings. It happens to us very often, always when summer hits or is approaching, that we feel the need to read romantic YA books. Hence, if you are like us we suggest you read this book. You would love it.


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