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Die For Her (Revenants # 2.5) by Amy Plum

Die For Her (Revenants # 2.5)
Amy Plum
60 pages
Publisher: HarperCollins
Release Date: April 2nd, 2013
Rate: Loved it

Books addicts, we have read Die for Me and Until I Die, the first and second book of the Revenants series. And NOW we have the opportunity to share, one more time, the wonderful moments that have brought us the last two books of this terrific series. This marvelous new work, of the amazing author Amy Plum, is the 2.5 in the Revenants series and it’s called Die for Her

Die for Her shows us the point of view of our most beloved character: Jules (YAY! Finally our prayers have been listened!). How Vincent and Jules meet Kate, how things happen in the Revenants circle and other big moments that had happened in the first and the second book. 
When Jules, Vincent and Ambrose, as Volant, were walking in the quays, watching for suspicious paranormal activity, they notice a girl with dark hair on the edge of the cobblestone walkway and she was looking down at the water. But when they headed toward her, she turned and walked away and sat in a stone with her legs curled up to her chest and tears in her cheeks. 

Days passed, and Vincent is obsessed about the mysterious girl of the quays. He was stalking her, lurking around her building, making Jules do things he does not want to do for sure (like going to see a movie he has already seen a thousand times). That is how Jules found out about the name of the intriguing girl, Kate. And suddenly, one day Vincent has the chance to meet Kate, and they fell in love with each other. 

Before Kate got included into the Revenants world, Jules was starting to feel something for her and now that she gets to spend almost every day in La Maison his feelings for her are getting stronger with the pass of the days. What can he do? He is in love with his best friend’s girlfriend; the only girl Vincent has loved since the day he lost his one true love ages ago. And now that Vincent is busy trying to find a way to resist his desire to dye, he has to escort Kate everywhere. 

Jules decision is easy: he has to forget Kate. But one thing is what his head is telling him and other what his heart wants and feels. He cannot betray Vincent, who is like a brother to him, but he also cannot deny his feelings for Kate. Those feelings that are true and getting stronger with time. 
We were begging for more Jules moments, so guess how we felt when we heard that Amy Plum was writing a book that tell us Jules’s side of the story? We were thrilled about it; we couldn’t even speak like a real person when we were making reference about the book. 

And you know what? As always, Amy Plum didn’t disappoint us with this marvelous book. We LOVED this book and we were really sad knowing how Jules truly feels about Kate and that he could not have her. One thing is that the girl is not yours because she does not love you. However, another different thing is that you cannot have the girl because she is your best friend's lover. He never had the chance to know if he could be Kate's true love!
We felt all the pain that Jules felt. We cry when he let go her hand after whispering to Kate his true feelings in the Revenants international meeting. We smiled every time Jules smiled because of Kate. We were so sad when we finished Die for Her that we could not believe what Kate did to our beloved Jules.

So if you love Jules as much as we do or you liked a lot the first two books, even if you are team Vincent, Die for Her will captivate you from page one to the end and some things will became clearer.


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