Saturday, May 18, 2013


Hello, books addicts!!

We have news for you! we are opening a new section in our Addictive Stuff section in the menu. We are going to do a list of free books that you can download for free in official sites like Amazon or Kobo.
This is a one time opportunity. The books we are showing you right now, are not always at this incredible price. It may change and one day not be free. So hurry up and see the Freebies we have found!

The links are from Amazon, and if you want to download the books, you have to “buy” them, and by buy we mean that you only have to click to “buy now with one click” and pay the spectacular price of 0,00 $.
You will receive your receipt of the purchase, but as we have said before it will show you that the price you had paid is 0,00 $.

If you want more Freebies: go ahead, don't be shy and let us know! 

We are working to do this list more extended. So we have to ask you to give us time to create the new section in our website, so we can show you all the Freebies we have found and that we thought you may like.

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