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Severed Stone (Souls Of The Stones) by Kelly Walker

Severed Stone (Souls Of The Stones #0.5)
Kelly Walker
155 pages
Publisher: All Night Reads
Release Date: June 15th, 2013
Rate: Loved it

About The Book:

Severed Stone is the prequel of the Souls Of Stones Series. The main character is not the characters we are familiar with from CornerStone or Second Stone. Meet Ciorstan, the daughter of a witch who terrifies everyone who has heard of her, whose destiny is going to change. Her mother offers spells in return of gossips, true gossips. They say that knowledge is power and her mother believes in this. One day, a costumer, tells her the great news she was expecting for: The Three princes are searching for a woman to marry them. The first in marry a woman would be the king of Thaelestrar. 

The next day, Ciorstan wakes up in a field, alone, far away from home and confused as everyone can be in this situation. A handsome yet strange man warns her to stay away from the castle, but the only thing she knows for sure is that she needs to meet her prince.
As it was a prediction, prince Selwyn happens to be hunting in the forest when he sees a beautiful woman singing while picking flowers. She is the most beautiful woman he has ever seen and, although he does not know anything about her, but he knows, deep down, that she is the one. She must be his betrothed. 
Ciorstan has no time to answer something coherently when she realizes that she is headed to palace with a prince who soon is going to be his husband, or at least that is what he said to her.
If something unusual was about to happen to someone, that someone is Ciorstan. In palace she meets a bunch of noisy and gossip girls who are now her servants, a bewitched Queen whose nose is abnormally big and ugly, a dreamer prince whose dedication in live is to paint beautiful things and sleep with a lot of girls, her soon-to-be-husband/prince whose dedication to himself and the hunt is more important for him than anything else and the sorcerer prince who everyone is afraid of. 
Ciorstan cannot understand why she is unable to say to prince Selwyn what she thinks truly about him or why prince Erwyn, the womanizer, is intends to change his true nature to be with her, to run away with her. The only thing she knows for sure is that she needs to find the man who warned her about not coming to palace and that look alike both princes. Is only one brother left to visit: Fidwen.
Fidwen is a powerful sorcerer and everyone is afraid of him. He has even made a spell to drive away everyone who wanted to go to his sacred sanctuary: the library. But Ciorstan is different. She does not feel the nausea or the fear everyone feels about entering the library and, most important, she needs to find out if Fidwen is the man of the forest. She needs to find someone who could help her with her princes.
Who would Ciorstan choose as her prince? Why has she this strange affection in both princes? Would Fidwen be the man of the forest? And most important, Why did Thaelestrar split?
All these questions would find their answers in the amazing prequel of the Souls Of The Stones, written by Kelly Walker.


Severed Stone is a wonderful story about why Thaelestrar is now split in three regions. We could have never imagined the reason of it until we read this prequel and we were stunned. 

About the characters, we have to say that we did not understand why Ciorstan was behaving the way she did. We did not like that she was a little bit oblivious about the things that were going on with her life, until we know the reason why and we were a little sad for her. In the middle of the book you start to identify with her and feel pity for her. She is a strong, brave and stubborn character that would make your heart beat faster and faster as the story gets to the end. 
Selwyn is a cocky, egoistic and cheeky prince who wants the crown more than anything else. We personally hated him. From the beginning until the end. Well, in the end even more. He does not care about anyone, just himself that our Ciorstan seems to be willing to marry that idiot! We just could not accept it. And the fact that he is also a womanizer adds more points to be in our black list.
Erwyn is the artist prince, the dreamer and the womanizer. Although Selwyn is also a womanizer, this brother is more kind and sensible. He is not as interest in hunt or battle as his oldest brother and he seems to have only eyes for his brother's betrothed. We almost fell for him. He is noble and looked like a good guy. But we were as fool as Ciorstan! So he is not in our black list, but neither in our we-would-want-to-marry-him list.
However, prince Fidwen hooked us from the first instant we met him. He has been neglected by everyone, specially her mother who he is certain that he is afraid of him. He is sensible and nobel and has not double intentions as prince Erwyn has. He is definitely in our we-would-want-to-marry-him list. And obviously we are Team Fidwen forever.
We were spellbound by the story. Our captivation was such powerful that we have read the book in two hours. W could not close the book without knowing what was going to happen with the characters and why Thaelestrar is split in the other books. But more about the characters. We were worried for Ciorstan's choices and that everything was so unfair that could not be real. 
We also have to say that the ending left a big hole in our hearts. The faith the two of our favorite characters find are not what we were expecting at all. We were elated with the happy ending when everything changes in a second. We were heartbroken! And we had the need to read the third of the series! Because everything is related and to know the fate of our favorite characters we need to know what happens in that book.

To end up this review, we need to say that we are Team Fidwen forever and that we want to know more about him! We need to know! We have recently found about this series, but we cannot wait to know how it ends. Kelly Walker writing really surprised us and we did not expect what we have found:  An epic series!! She has a writing style that we have never had the pleasure to experience and we are glad that we have found her books. 
We strongly recommend this book to all the Souls Of The Stones fans but also the ones who have not had the honor to read them. 

"Did he want a chance? Did he have one? In every competition, in every task, he has chosen his own personal victory over his brothers by means of declining to compete. Not this time. This -she- was worth fighting for."


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